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Hi all

Hope all are keeping well

Quick update I'm doing well Have now been offered my Senior role back in work .Working hard both in and out of work but managing to keep my episodes at bay Few little flutters but my breathing and blanking them out helps to keep me calm and work through them Hope you have all enjoyed the nice weather and are relaxing when you can I have been so tempted to enjoy a nice alcoholic drink lately but to date a lime and soda has won lol

Keep smiling all you lovely people You helped me so much when I first joined this family and I know you would all do it again

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Lovely to hear from you and pleased you are doing so well. Long may it continue. I do hope that a few of the Newbies read your post as I remember just how scary and devastating it was for you in the beginning so such a helpful, hopeful post.

Best wishes CD.

Vonnieruth in reply to CDreamer

Thanks CD Hope all is well for you You all helped me so much More I think than you all know. Still get over anxious at times but I have to over come that because of my job I know think if I'm on assessments or with a resident at the hospital if I become ill then I'm in the right place Think logical I tell my self lol

That is so good to hear. I was wondering how you were the other day.

Hope all continues to keep on an even keel .

Best wishes

J ( prev Yatsura! )

Vonnieruth in reply to Jalia

Thank you

Hope all is well with you to

Glad to hear you are doing well! Keep up the good work! Xxx

Vonnieruth in reply to wilsond

Thank you Hope all is good with you

Good to know progress is being made especially on the work front given our similar problems x

Thanks How's things going for you

About to post a mini update - pretty good!

I'm pleased to hear you're doing well Vonnie, long may that continue.


Thanks Jean

Hope all is well with you

👍....onwards and upwards.....great news 😉

Onwards for sure Not sure about upwards I still get out of breath at times lol hope all's ok with you Flapjack

Great to hear from you Vonnie and congratulations on your 'promotion', I hope all keeps going well but the best thing is that experience has taught you how to cope 💖

Thank Takes a lot of concentration at times I try not to let this illness and my polymyalgia rheumatica get the better of me Still reducing steroids down to 9mg from 17mg Hope you are well

That’s awesome

Thanks Cupcakes How are you doing

I am doing good. Thank you. Last big episode of PAF was in October otherwise a twinge here and there. Hoping that I won’t have an episode when I do my colonoscopy prep since you can get dehydrated

Make sure you drink plenty fluids up to your allowed time I will keep my fingers crossed all goes well for you

Thanks for the tip

Glad that you are doing well now, both at work and healthwise.

Best wishes


Thanks Jackie Hope all is well with you

On a slightly different kite, you mentioned that you hurt yourself at work. Make sure that this is reported as if you have problems in future, work related injury carries some safety nets

Vonnieruth in reply to Suebo2

Will do

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