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health AF is now mainly inexistant...:)


I develop a health AF is now mainly inexistant...:) Will share it soon...Contract me if urgent for you...

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hi pierresparks what is this protocol id say everyone will want to know

Yes, please.

Hidden in reply to Gertsen

Hi Gertsen. A- fib is difficult. And we would all like a quick fix. Please evaluate any info received in this way. Don't do yourself harm by not checking information with other sources you trust.

Take care. irina

If this came through on my email I would regard it as Spam?



It sounds intriguing but using PM to share without transparency seems to me like you might be giving private medical advice to someone desperate for a cure but without them having the benefit of other posters' input. There are many very knowledgeable and educated people on this forum who may have information about opposing facts that might take issue with your advice.

Both sides should be shared equally with potential patients. Also there may be guidelines about this. I'm not an expert on HealthUnlocked guidelines but the admins are.

Don't mean to criticize. You may be onto something the world would benefit from knowing.

But secrecy isn't the ethical way to share it.

Just my opinion. Take care. irina

I look forward to seeing your post regarding this. Thank you.

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