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Newly diagnosed with AF

I’m newly diagnosed with af a 53 year old man. Feel reasonably fit. I have been put on one of the new blood thinners rivaroxaban. Any advice or direction would be most gratefully received.

I do have raised blood sugar levels but not to the point of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis and am medicated for high blood pressure which successfully keeps that in check.

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Welcome to the gang.

I'm 51, first hit with AF 3 and a bit years ago.

Several cardioversions and one (so far) successful ablation)

What do you need to know? there is some very good reading material from the AFA, and some excellent youtube videos if you search for "York Cardiology" or "Dr Sanjay Gupta"

Just remember that it won't kill you!


Thank you very much. Just really looking for advice on reading and learning how to manage and cope with this condition. I will definitely visit the AFA. 😀

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eating healthily , reducing/eliminating triggers such as alcohol, caffeine, chinese food (MSG) , sulphites etc

Stay well hydrated, especially in the summer, exercise but not to excess, healthy BMI, reduce stress................

If you are offered an ablation, go for it!

Good luck on your journey, and ask lots of questions

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Thank you so much. It is nice to make contact with other people with this condition so you don’t feel so alone. It’s really supportive!


It's been a great help and support for me to get where I am now.

Knowledge is power!


Welcome - I’ve been on Apixaban now for 4 years with no problems. It really helps if you can keep your BP well controlled as that will relieve the AF burden and possibility of developing complication as you grow older.

Lots of supportive, informed and friendly people here so any questions - just ask.

If you visit the AFA website on the Arrythmia Alliance site you will find lots of useful information.

Best wishes CD.


Thank you so much. I am on this journey now and determined to do all I can to keep this well controlled and myself as healthy as possible


The main things that you can do to help yourself are:-

Manage your stress - biggest trigger for us. Weight control but if you are fit that shouldn’t be too difficult for you. BP. Good control of your Diabetes. Moderate exercise - don’t overdo it and don’t push yourself as raising HR can also be a trigger so know the point of no return and keep under that figure. Good guide is if you can talk without getting breathless - if you get breathless - stop and recover and then build up very gradually again. Check if caffeine and alcohol are triggers or any other foods - eliminating them can help some. If your AF is triggered by certain postures ie - always comes on at night - always comes on when I exercise - take note as that can indicate you have vagal AF which means AF is triggered by the irritation of the vagal nerve - which sometimes means you can amend your behaviours to prevent episodes.

Some people find that taking Magnesium supplements really help - others not.

Trouble is that AF is such a mongrel condition that what works for one doesn’t help another.

Very best wishes CD.

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Amazing advice! Thank you so much I think certainly fitness food and weight management will be on the agenda to improve in these areas! Alcohol and caffeine already gone out of the window!


Welcome to the forum aardy. It’s wonderful to have support from others who understand what we’re going though and there’s some great people here.


So glad I found this sight is helps you are no a lone any more all have the same thing


I too am on Rivaroxaban and find it so simple with just taking it once a day with food. I take mine with my evening meal and half way through it. My friend takes her dose with her porridge breakfast.I saw my EP last Monday and he is thinking of changing me to Apixaban because I have only one working kidney (although I'm sure all is OK except occasionally the odd coca cola urine)

I would like to know which is the better of the two Rivaroxaban -v- Apixiban but no-one seems to be giving me a conclusive answer as part of me is loathe to change as I've been on Rivaroxaban for about 15 months and seem fine (I think!)

Good luck with your Afib and hope you stay well


I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other. I’m on Rivaroxiban and I’ve been on Apixiban twice. I reacted to it both times although the first time we didn’t realise the problem was caused by Apixiban as I also had Shingles and postherpetic neuralgia. That said many people get on great with Apixiban.


May I ask what reaction you suffered with Apixaban. Thank you xx


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