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Good morning - hope everyone is doing well.

I am having cardioversion on the 20th of December and I was wondering what is the recovery time for this procedure please.

My cardiologist has put me on Amiodrarone starting with a loading dose e.g 3 x 200mg a day for a week then 2 then down to one a day is this until I get the cardioversion or will it be until I get my ablation in January. I know it's medical but I wondered about other people's experience of this but ultimately it will depend on what my cardiologist says.

I am really hoping I will be off of amiodarone and that my cardioversion will work so I can partake in all the Christmas going one in my house otherwise it will have to fall on everyone else's shoulders which irks me as I so love doing Christmas.

Many thanks for your feedback


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Hello Laura.. don't worry about the cardioversion. You should be feeling fine again and hopefully even better almost straight away, certainly after 24 hours. I've had 19 of these so I speak from experience.

As to the Amiodarone, that is up to your cardiologist. He may stop you if cardio version is successful or he may want to keep you on it until nearer to your ablation. Either way it's not long.

Keep positive and enjoy Christmas with your family. I see that you are a similar age to me when I was first diagnosed so you have youth and energy on your side !

Best wishes


Lorlaw70 in reply to Hidden

Hi Sandra - Thanks so much for replying. Oh my you have had 19 of these you do speak from experience!! Fingers crossed it will work out just fine. The thing is though I think the amiodarone is working albeit I still am breathless while moving around to much but not as bad.

I will be delighted if I at least get some respite from this blasted af even if it will be short lived.

Take care


Hi Laura, I've had 3 cardioversions, first one lasted 4 months, second one only 3 weeks and the third I had in May and that kept me going until I had the ablation in July. I immediately felt better, being in sinus rhythm at 50 odd beats per minute definitely nicer than trundling along between 120 to 180 bpm. Was able to live normally again.

Sorry I have no experience of amiodarone but think there's a few others on here that do. Hopefully you'll be fighting fit and able to enjoy your Christmas. S x

Lorlaw70 in reply to sharonrc

Hi Sharonrc - many thanks for your reply. Fingers crossed it will work until I get the ablation. Laura

I have had a significant number of cardioversions. Truth is that once it is done and hopefully you are in Sinus Rhythm the hospital cannot wait to get rid of you.

On one occasion I had it done in A & E and as I had to be in the critical area for the procedure they asked me to get up and go as soon as it was done. All in all I was in and out in 5 hours start to finish from triage to discharge. The actual Cardioversion takes the blink of an eye although you will be in the land of the fairies for that and therefore the whole procedure takes a little longer.

I note you have an ablation planned for January so it seems that they are giving you the works so even if the cardioversion is not successful it won't be long until they have you back in again. The worse thing is when they make you wait months.

I hope all goes well for you. Every time I had a cardioversion I was feeling so much better the moment I woke from the anaesthetic.


Lorlaw70 in reply to pottypete1

Hi pottypete1- thanks for your reply. Yes the waiting is hard!!

My cardioversion was mid Nov. I was in the " theatre " for 20 minutes from start to finish. Spent more time in recovery and as I was the last, I chatted with the nurse. She had told me that they were unsuccessful with me. I was disappointed but physically I was fine. I could have taken a bus home on my own but of course not allowed. The only problem I had was that the skin on my chest where the " patch" is placed felt raw and itchy. Like a ranch cattle that had been stamped. Was given some gel to soothe the skin. Skin remains itchy for the next 2 days . Maybe it's because they gave me 3 shots???

abbadabba in reply to AQuilter

Perhaps. My 3 cardioversions have all been one shot and no physical effects apart from a red mark around the electrodes that faded quickly.

Lorlaw70 in reply to AQuilter

Hi AQuilter- thanks for you reply and sharing you own personal experience. This forum is fantastic.


Remember that a cardioversion is not a permanent fix, rather a reboot back to normal rhythm. You may feel a bit tired afterward, so listen to your body. Make sure to not overdo at Christmas....AFib is called "holiday heart" for a reason as triggers are often doing too much without good rest, eating too much food, or enjoying too much alcohol. Best of luck to you!

Lorlaw70 in reply to SRMGrandma

Hi SRMGrandma - Thanks for your reply. I will be careful over the festive season I am not even going to drink lol.

I needed a chemically assisted cardioversion like you and then the EP asked me to keep going with the Amiodorone until the ablation.

I'm not a medical professional at all, but continuing in it for another month doesn't sound too bad. It may also help you feel better over Christmas if it keeps you in sinus until the ablation after a successful cardioversion

Lorlaw70 in reply to abbadabba

Hi abbadabba - Thanks of replying. It is really reassuring this forum. You are right by taking the amiodarone for another month is not so bad. Thank you

Hi Lorlaw

I’m 57 and have been put on Amiodarone in the build up to my 2nd CV this coming Saturday. I’m worried about being on it for too long but I only started taking it 5 weeks ago so hopefully I won’t be on it for too long afterwards. I was diagnosed with persistent AF in August 2017 completely by accident (for which I am eternally grateful to the great one above!). Like you, I feel that stress and anxiety played a significant role in me developing AF although there obviously could have been other factors as well (eg over exercise, cycling 5000 miles per year for the past 6 years, too much caffeine etc).

I hope your CV goes well. My first one lasted only 4 days before I flipped back. I have to confess that during those 4 days I didn’t feel well at all. Although I told EP I may have picked up a bug during that time, EP considered the possibility that I actually feel better when in persistent AF rather than in NSR as I have no symptoms apart from side effects of Bisoprolol which you have pointed out. So my advice for what it’s worth is to monitor how you are feeling in the days following your CV because if you flip back from NSR to AF, it is important for the EP to assess how you were during this time as this may affect your future treatment plan.

Good luck and have a lovely Christmas with your family


Lorlaw70 in reply to IGREENAWAY

Hi Ian - Thanks for replying to my post. I hope it all goes well for you on Saturday would you let me know how you get all.

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Lorlaw70 in reply to Hidden

Hi Aufgeblassen- thanks for replying to my post. Wow it is that simple! Thanks for sharing. Are you still keeping well now?

I have had 21 DC cardioversions over 5 years. Recovery has varied, when I needed 3 shocks I was worse. Symptom wise I feel better almost immediately, sedation-wise I feel more awake after 36 hours or so, and aching/sore burns and arms wise its a couple of weeks.

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