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EPs in the southwest?


Hi, it’s been a while since I posted but my paroxysmal af was pretty much under control with an episode only two or three times a year which was treated with 300mg of flecanaide as a PIP. However my episodes have been getting more frequent as have the bouts of arrythmias inbetween episodes. I saw my GP and asked to be referred to an EP for a review (Manish Ghandi at the RD and E) unfortunately they seem to have some kind of strange appointment system at Exeter, I’ve had a letter that effectively says I’m on a waiting list to on a waiting list! So anyway does anyone have any good experience of any other EPs in the SW either NHS or private?

Many thanks

Dan (Honiton)

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My approach is not to worry about area, and go for the best surgeon I can find. My ablation was done by Richard Schilling in London, who is regarded as one of the very best in the UK.

Something else to consider is that if you can afford ~£150 then go and see the EP privately. That way you can get an appointment quickly. If you then go for an ablation you then joint the NHS queue, but you have saved quite a bit of time, and know you have seen somebody good. Often in the NHS you see a registrar instead of a consultant. Some of the senior ones are fine but the junior ones I have come across are often woefully ignorant!

Thanks for the reply and Yes I’m happy to go private in the first place but am hoping for an EP recommendation, I haven’t seen one before. I would certainly be looking to go to London if I need an ablation but not sure I’m there yet? Many thanks


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I was recommended Richard Schilling in London from this forum. He did my ablation last year. I don't think there is anybody better.

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