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No more Ablations for me unless I go to Specailist says new Doc


I an a 65 year old male who started with a flutter and was treated for it with ablation and consequently went to a fib couldn't walk 100 yards with out getting out of breath. Anyway a fib and shortness of breath kept coming back.. Third ablation was 5 hours burned the heck out of the right side. Was doing great for 8 months. Pulse resting at 60 highest it would go was100. Felt fantastic. I am an ex athlete . Then i really pushed it fathersday . Worked outside in heat. Excited to see kids and then went fishing that night . Well now can't walk 100 yards without BPM going to 160.. FYI BP perfect 110 over 70.After I relax I get back to mid 70's. Have new DR SINCE WE MOVED FROM TEXAS from NY.. Very highly recommended guy. On metoperaol and Xeralto.. I was using Fflecinide as a PIP and we stopped that because he saw a left blocked branch. So now on a monitor for a week then we will review. He is thinking Omindium (sp) treatment where I go in hospital for a day and a half and they give me medicine.? Then take orally. From what I understand if this doesn't get it under control then pacemaker would be other option. His concern was after 3 ablations too many.. Supplsedly one guy in Austin is the only other option to do another ablation. So not happy I was doing fine till I blew a gasket. Haven't had a drink in a year no caffeine minimal stree i thought i was one free. Any experience out there with pace maker to control high BPM.? Any experience with Omodiuim treatment

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You should try chiropractic treatment if you can find a chiropractor who knows what to do. Look at some of my posts over the last year to see what I have learned.

Jay10 in reply to EngMac

Hi EngMac I am having chiro treatment at present but am having problems when I lie down in bed at night. If I sleep on 3 pillows it seems to settle. I have neck and shoulder problems so have started pilates.

Did you have similar 'lumpy' heartbeats before you used Posturemedic and do you think it would help.



jsanta in reply to EngMac

Thank you so much! I never had a lot of faith in chiropractors however. I imagine if you get a good one and getting good treatment that’s what matters.

Dr Sanjay Gupta is going to New York in August. Is offering free private consults if you are atttending his seminar. $85

jsanta in reply to Bagrat

Thank you so much I’d be interested in the lifestyle change for your mom’s going to be. I’m in active 65 hopefully your moms in active 80. I wish you the best

Bagrat in reply to jsanta

Bshersey think the above is for you

Bshersey in reply to jsanta

I think he wants her be more physically active and lose weight. Mostly, he is working with her on right combination of meds.

My mom is 80 and has had four ablations. Her afib keeps coming back. She and her EP agreed that she will have no more ablations and from now on will attempt to keep afib under control strictly with meds and lifestyle changes.

Hi Jay10. the chiropractor must know what to do to treat the nerves that affect the heart. Having had this done for about 15 months, I still have issues at various times and often when I lay down in bed. Lately though, my heart will tolerate extra beats and have less tendency to enter AF. Yet sometimes, if I lay down and I feel discomfort in my back, or notice a heart beat in my head, then I know I will need to move my back a bit. Sometimes, just getting up and moving around will settle it and I can lay down again. Or sometimes, it will only settle if I lay on one side or the other. Focussing on it causes stress and this makes things worse. Sometimes being propped up helps for a night or two, but then I can lay down normally again. Unfortunately, I cannot predict when which way will work. Stopping AF is much easier now.

During the day now, I can have trouble keeping my heart out of AF, especially when typing on the computer while sitting. Again if I move my back, I can usually settle things. This is frustrating since I know what causes the AF but as yet the chiropractor has not found a final solution. Even though there are ups and downs and it is a real pain to deal with it, I feel that I am making progress. Maybe for others their back and neck condition may respond much better and faster to chiropractic adjustments. Since this does not involve drugs or surgery, it may be worth pursuing. If change results, then you know the adjustments are having an impact. Fine tuning the adjustments for optimum results seems like a challenge. Drugs and surgery to change the symptoms are always there as an option; but if the neck and back are the cause, then the cause is not being eliminated, which my be why drugs and ablations are not the definitive solution for everyone either.

I live just north of Austin, TX. I've finished my 2nd ablation on June 26. I don't know which doctor you have been recommended to see, but I would say that the doctors at Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia all are fantastic. I see Dr. Al-Ahmad. These people are probably the elite in the US wrt heart arrhythmias.

Hi Jay10, I have found that while the chiropractor is attempting to change things, using the posture medic may make things worse. Too radical impacts on the back may impede the results of the adjustments. Since there is no set recipe for this approach; and everyone is likely different, it becomes a bit of a cooperative trial and error process between the chiropractor and yourself.

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