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Low bpm


Since I lowered my dose of bisoprolol I evening and recently the morning to I did them bout 2 weeks apart at the point my bpm was early 60s or like 58/59bpm

Before I lowered any my bpm were as low as 46/47 at times but mostly early 50s

Anyway al day today it’s been early 50s again and I’ve not been feeling great in myself with the odd skipping of my heart which sends me in to slight panic for few split secs

And pow I’ve gone back to losing my appetite again

I will be contacting the doc tomorrow as it’s bothering me now it’s gone from being in a normal level back down to low again today my Sats are 98/99

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Hi Coral ...like you my BPM were low similar to yours ..48/52..I halved my bisoporlol 5mg and take at night coming up on 3 weeks now ...have noticed BPM going up to 60/70 had odd day it was low like you ...go to see cardiologist EP next Monday my only problem is breathlessness some say Nebivolol better ..?? Let's know how you get on re doctor. All the best Celia

Coral39 in reply to Zezee

I’m still waiting to see a cardiologist

Hey Coral39 my bpm can be as low as 35bpm (recorded on my kardia mobile) and usually my resting heart rate is any where from 40-47bpm i showed this to staff at my local A & E after a bad night of AFib and they were not concerned at all even with the 35bpm readings

I know how you feel with the fear factor it really only takes a couple of skipped beats etc to set us off panicking. Sounds like you are super stressing out about it wish i could soothe your nerves virtually to make you feel better. Sounds like you are on the right track though as i'm guessing you have been formally diagnosed and a treatment plan is setup and in place. Still waiting for a cardio appointment next month for myself ironically my afib has calmed down almost like it wants to hide till after the appointment lol. very frustrating.

Anyway hope you are feeling better soon, take care.

But I’m a bigger girl lost a lot of weight but still on larger side I’m sat down at min and my heart rate is going from 53/55 my docs have told me and hospital they would only be concerned if my bpm hit the 30s

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