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Aromatherapy & AF with Anticoagulants


I have a really bad cough at the moment . It has developed over a week & cant seem to get rid. I qualified in aromatherapy but dont practice. I always rely or my oils which usually solve the problem but I never thought of any contra indications particularly with anticoagulants. I take Edoxaban. Any experts out there ?

THe upside if anything is neither the cough or the oils seem to have triggered my AF.

Help appreciated as usual.

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It may not help but I m on Edoxaban too and I regularly use essential oils and also have a massage each month. No-one has ever mentioned contra indications. I’m sure my very experienced therapist would tell me.

I had a massage with essential oils and I asked first, because I am on warfarin. The spa said it should be fine, and I was.

Hi kkatz. I understand your concerns with use of essential oils and AF. I too am an Aromatherapist and have AF, although since my ablation 2.5 years ago there’s been no reoccurrence of AF, just some W topics. I am still taking anticoagulants (Rivaroxaban)so am very wary about any medication interactions . However when I’ve had a cough or cold I have used Eucalyptus globulus, Ravansara and Lemon oils without any bad effects using a steam inhaler. Of course we’re all different and there are never any guarantees there’ll be no bad effects if you try them, but for me I think they’re pretty safe. As far as I’m aware the essential oils to avoid if on anticoagulants are those with high amounts of the chemical component ‘Coumarin’ in them, such as Cinnamon bark and clove. But many oils contain small amounts of this chemical and I think it is just a matter of degree. If you want to be really sure, I guess you’ll need to look up chemical components of oils and look for coumarins/ Coumadin and if it is high avoid it.

I wish you well.

Perhaps it also depends on how you take the oils. Since having AF, I've found I can no longer use any kind of candle apart from pure beeswax. Apparently other types of candle give off toxic fumes.. I get AF straight away, especially with scented candles, or using a tea light to heat an aromatherapy oil.

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