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Acid reflux

Ever since I had my first bout of AFib I have been taking Prilosec for acid reflux. I don't have the acid coming up in my throat anymore but feel like I have a lump or pressure in my chest. Been on Prilosec for 45 days. I read you should not stay on it for a long period of time. Don't know what my next step should be. Cardiologist said there is no connection with AFib and acid reflux. Don't know if I agree or not.

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Absolutely agree 100% - there is a connection.

Just one doctor. Look at any Functional Medicine trained doctor such as Dr Chaterjee.

There is a very definite and well known connection with Heart and stomach # Dr Sanjay Gupta, York Cardiology is doing a conference on the subject in York Uk and New York USA in May.

It is diet based so get the gut bio diversity right and it all goes away but it takes time and is hard work.


Yes there is a connection to GERDs and afibs. Go to Dr. Sanjay Gupta from York University, cardiologist, and on his youtube he explains its connection with the vagal nerve. For Gerds, try a low carb diet. Mine went away all on its own. Losing weight also helps. I feel much better after watching Dr. Gupta's videos......must be from York University though as there is another doctor...same name but not the same man.


The ‘other’ Dr Gupta is a well known US doctor who seems to do a lot of media stuff but is not a cardiologist. UK Dr Gupta is a senior NHS cardiologist and in private practice in York, UK.


I have posted many times about GERD. Look up Dr. Sarah Myhill from Wales and the subject GERD. She explains what causes it and what to do about it. Taking prescribed medication usually does not help but makes it worse since it reduces stomach acid when you actually need more stomach acid. It amazes me how many doctors just listen to drug companies and never look for the right answer easily found by looking on the internet. Her advice works; so ditch the drug and do what she says and you will most likely be fine. She is not the only doctor I have found on the internet who understands the cause of GERD.


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