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Contraindications for Magnesium supplements.


I know many people take Magnesium supplements and say that it helps their AF or ectopics - but it is important to be aware of contraindications especially if you take Calcium Chanel ablockers, have low BP or slow Heart rate.

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Thank you for this. It is helpful to have the facts. I have also heard that some people who take magnesium supplements and finding them helpful, they then increase the dose only to find their AF gets worse. It's all very finely balanced. Thanks for posting.

that's very useful- especially bit about stopping anti biotics' effectiveness.Hasn't lowered my heart rate yet but will watch out!

CDreamer in reply to rosyG

I though it useful and I think it also commendable that it comes from a company which sells Magnesium so they have obviously done their research.

Hylda in reply to CDreamer

Many thanks for this. I take a calcium channel blocker and also contra-indicated is Levothyroxine so I guess that is one less pill to take.


Thank you very much for this, CDreamer - really interesting and helpful x

Great post again CDreamer and timely as I discuss Mg with my Naturopath today.

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