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Adizem a "suppressed drug"

After 5 years on Adizem I've just been told they're no longer allowed to prescribe it because it's now a "suppressed drug". Anyone know anything about this? There's a pile of Adizem on the shelf in AMG, so somebody is obviously still prescribing it, but when I ask the Dr and the pharmacist they just clam up and claim they know nothing about it.

Dr Google doesn't even know what "suppressed drug" means.

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I've not heard anything and have just collected my next supply from the chemists....


I'm thinking that perhaps Adizem is the market leader, and most expensive, and Virgin Healthcare have blacklisted it for that reason.

The NHS website used to have a page about Diltiazem being one of the drugs that shouldn't be switched for a different brand, but it's now been taken down.


Interesting - I am on Viazem (Diltiazem) I note that on my repeat preseciption it always says Viazem (Thornton & Ross) and have always been given these.



Really? I was diagnosed in January and after some problems with other meds have been put on Adizem Diltiazem 120 mg. which I seem to be ok on. I’m in the uk. When you say a ‘supressed ‘ drug what exactly does that mean? Should I be querying this drug with my dr?


"When you say a ‘supressed ‘ drug what exactly does that mean?"

I asked the GP, but she told me she didn't know. I asked the pharmacist, she just shrugged her shoulders.


I was prescribed Diiazem by consultant but even the hospital pharmacy did not stock it, I tried me local chemists, with no joy. I hustled both the hospital pharmacy and an outside chemist to order it after they had a little whispering amongst them selves, and they both eventually got it for me (adizem capsules) I could have got crac-Cocain easier ;-). Having said all this I have permanent AF, so far along with other drugs Adizem has brought my heart rate down considerably something a cardioversion op never managed to do. If your still not getting it tell the pharmacist they are talking crap, politely of course. Good luck.


It's the surgery that's refusing it, the pharmacy have a pile of it on the shelf.


I am on adizem 200mg I got some 2 weeks ago! My GP changed me to this from another brand only a couple of months ago as the pharmacy advised Adizem were easier to obtain! The other was Tildiem.

I believe there is a variation between products in diltiazem. When I switched previously my consultant spent ages looking through drug specs to get the correct one for me to match what I had been given in hospital.

Switch pharmcists if you are unhappy.


So it is all about cost, Zemtard is half the price of Adizem. NHS choices may have taken down their page about not switching Diltiazem brands, but NICE guidelines haven't changed:

"Different versions of modified-release preparations containing more than 60 mg diltiazem hydrochloride may not have the same clinical effect. To avoid confusion between these different formulations of diltiazem, prescribers should specify the brand to be dispensed."


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