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Does Bisoprolol make your anxiety worse?

I took Sotalol 240 mgs daily for PAF until 3 weeks ago when I was switched to Bisoprolol 5 mgs twice daily because of persistent AFlutter.

I have a history of generalised anxiety disorder with panic.

In the last week, I have noticed increased anxiety. Nothing going on at home beyond the usual, feeling physically OK though not enjoying the ectopics. AFlutter asymptomatic, max 130, possibly too much coffee, 6 shots a day, which was not a problem previously.

So my question is, have members with AF and anxiety found that Biso or any other beta blocker made the anxiety worse? Usually they improve anxiety as an incidental benefit while prescribed for other conditions.

Thank you.

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I agree far too much coffee. My specialist told me to avoid caffeine wherever possible and went totally ape sh t when she learned I occasionally drank Red Bull. Even de caff tea and coffee is only reduced caf not totally free.

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I also learned that decaf coffee still has some caffeine in it. So how can they get away with saying it's de-caf ? I was surprised to learn that .


That's down to Brussels. To be fair, it's a pretty small amount and decaf tastes much better now, should generally be ok I would think/hope


Oyster ,I was breast fed coffee LOL. I think , .I drink 1/2 caf during the day and de-caf at night . I don't think they will ever say "YEP the coffee killed him" I look at it this way ,a person can't cut everything out they might tell you because we'd be eating cardboard . A guy has to get some enjoyment out of life ,Right? OK, I'm gonna get a cup of coffee , I'll be right back. Jerry


I know that Sotalol can cause irregular heartbeats in some people and you were taking quite a high dose.320 mg is the max in a day.I take 160.The only way forward was for you to have an ecg to measure the intervals between beats.Also panic releases more adrenaline which can predispose you to an AF attack or ectopics.Ive found this anyway.I think anxiety is a trigger..cant comment on Bisoprolol..never taken it.Hope you soon get some peace of mind.


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