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Carvedilol - Anyone on this


Last week I had my annual review at the Cardiac clinic. I asked if I could change from Bisoprolol because it is making me breathless. I had a young cardiac registra who just looked up the list of drugs and prescribed this one Carvedilol. did not seem to have much of a clue on the drugs. Not heard much about this one, does not normally come up on this forum. Anyone on this, tried it, or any comments.


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Hi Cassie, no personal experience but worth typing it in the search box at the top of this page.....

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Already tried that - not much info there - does not seem to be prescribed often.

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maybe worth having a chat with your pharmacist.....

I just Googled it, Cassie, quite a lot of info/links popped up, Nicki

Been taking Carvedilol for 6 mos. Was in afib but have been in NPR since Dofetilide initiated. Stared on 6mg carvedilol 2x daily. Upped to 12.5 BID and then 25 mg BID,Have been taking the 12.5 mg dose and 25mg if pulse is over 70. No recognizable side effects or bradycardia have occurred. Previously I hadd taken metoperol and experienced generalized weakness.

I’ve been on Carvidilol for years. I have heart failure as well and this was the best one for my particular circumstances No issues at all. For a time they put me on os Bisoprolol which gave me nightmares. So went back to Carvidilol and was fine. We all react in different ways though.

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Hi Linda - can you tell me what dose you are on - I have been prescribed 12.5 mg twice a day - am on 5 mg of Bisoprolol at the moment. Thanks.


I take 6.25mg twice per day. I had to begin taking this because my ejection fraction had dropped to 40-45 degrees and my EP wanted to get my rate down so my heart will hopefully strengthen. It's a common drug for people with heart failure, my dad took it too. I don't believe I have any side effects from it. I didn't tolerate other beta blockers very well. My heart rate stays under 100 now, except occasionally when I go into afib and then the rate is bout 110-115 for about 15 minutes at the beginning of an episode. It drops back to the 70-80's quickly without additional medicine.

Hi Cassie, I was on it for three years, it is generic for Coreg. I came off it in October 2017. I was on 6.25mg twice a day to treat heart palpitations. From what I read on this drug, it is a full body beta blocker and so unlike some other beta blockers it affects more than the heart. When I cam off it I suffered from some depression which may or may not have been related to it. I was on Flecainide when I took Coreg and I came off them both due to having weird numb spots throughout my body (side of face, across shoulder blades, left leg) . I still have the after effects which I believe was the Flecainide but I came off both as a precaution, first Flecainide and then the Coreg.

I did not have any heart attack and by all tests my heart is fine and both these drugs were used for arrhythmia and heart palpitations.


Best drug for 12+ years. Minimal side effects. Heart rate stable. Hypertension slowly responding. Good all round drug i think.

Yes take it twice daily good results no side effects for me.

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