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Thank you CDreamer

Based upon my use of this board over the last two months, my advice to my newbie self would be

1. Read the forum rules. Read them again.

2. Read the information provided by AFA

3. Find and follow a small number of experienced members who post regularly and who communicate effectively.

4. Accept now what you will learn fairly soon, that you know a lot less about AF than you think you do.

5. Shut up and listen.

6. If you must speak, remember less is more.

Top of my list of members I follow is CDreamer and I recommend her to other newbies.

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Not sure I like the heady heights you place me upon Oyster - I might fall...........



CD, you have 32 followers and many more who appreciate not only the wisdom of your words but your willingness to respond thoughtfully and at length. I know you contribute elsewhere on HU too.


Seconded! X


Hi Oyster, that sounds like good advice for us all :)

For me, I’d say that there’s a handful of lovely people on here who’d go to the top of my follow list :) CDreamer included, for sure!

And some more advice id give to a newbie (self or otherwise) would be to remember that pretty much everyone posting or responding on here are good people with our own struggles - and mean to be supportive and helpful. If it doesn’t always come across that way in our posts, it can be for a myriad of reasons. But I’m a massive fan of the principle of giving the ‘benefit of the doubt’ ... When we all give each other the benefit of the doubt, the world becomes a much kinder place.

Now I’m off to belatedly read up on AFA info, thanks for the reminder! X


Speaking only for myself , I find I can be full og sage advice for anyone with a problem BUT when I have a problem myself, I crumble instantly and come to the forum desperate for help and advice. I am always humbled by the unbelievable empathy of people on here. Although direct medical advice cant be given i am always glad to be offerred medical opinion based on experience of ordinary people dealing with similar problems to myself.

Let us all try and move on from this in good spirit. Oyster you must feel heartened to see so many positive comments here ,why dont we celebrate all the good things about this HU site . Those who may have appeared to be disapproving are only trying to protect us and have in the past ,been of tremendous help to me personally.

Onwards and upwards I say x


I echo your words, dedeottie and yes indeed, please can we move on from this in good spirit, learning from any mistakes rather than sweeping things under the carpet.

On another thread, Hidden mentions looking elsewhere. With an excess of turbulence here, I thought myself that I might find some little backwater that might suit. Of course one needs to be suitably afflicted and there are some unpleasant things to have. I feel AF isn't too bad really.

So can we pull together and not fragment. And let's shun the antagonistic and uncharitable approach that has perhaps been all too present.

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Thank you I am

Best foot forward !

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