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Far Infra Red

I am asking here if anyone with AF has experience of, or information on, using a far infra red (FIR) mat. There are links on other HealthUnlocked areas (eg fibromyalgia) but not here. I am not asking for advice, which must clearly come from a medical practitioner.

We have a full body mat which I used (somewhat infrequently) for detox (see Dr Myhill), relief of aches and pains, stress reduction and promotion of good sleep. I don't have any means of confirming the detox effect but it certainly helped on the other counts. I have not used it since my AF diagnosis. The claims for FIR - as for a traditional sauna - include that it aids cardiac conditioning whilst, during use, reducing blood pressure and increasing calorie burn. Thus, it is said to be helpful for people who are unable to take normal exercise.

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I’ve not heard of this but I do use a massage bed which has infra red panels in it around the chest and leg areas. Both my husband and I use almost daily and find it very helpful for a stiffness, aches & pains etc but when I developed AF I was somewhat nervous about using it. However, I couldn’t comment whether or not it has beeen beneficial for the Heart.


Thanks, CD - see my reply to Wendy below.


There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of research to support the medical claims of these mats: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

Maybe you could contact the manufacturers - 'cardiac conditioning' is very vague term - ask them some specific questions regarding the mat and AF?

If they have no research results available for AF, you could do your own... Following the guidelines of the product, start with short exposure times and build up, keep a diary of the worsening or lessening of symptoms you feel.

It is v difficult though, with the seeming 'random-ness' of AF triggers - to know if using the mat would make things better or worse without testing it for a long time, and with lots of people. Good luck! :o)


Thanks, Wendy, I agree there doesn't seem to be any FIR research relevant to AF. The nearest I have found is get-fitt.com/research.htm Get-Fitt is a supplier of mats.


I have an infarred Sauna use it regular In AF no probs

Helps me I've had it 15 years


Thanks, HJ. I'll start with short sessions a couple of times a week and see how it goes.


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