Does anyone have problems with sleep? I go to sleep and keep waking up I must get 3 or 4 hours sleep at the most. This all started in Feb after I had TIA and told I had AFIB, I have never felt well since.

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  • As a rule I don't have any problems sleeping. I do quite often wake up once in the night to go to the loo, but can always get back to sleep quickly.

    Don't eat a heavy evening meal

    Don't sleep on your left hand side

    If you are anxious and stressed (eg about your condition) try relaxation techniques and/or listening to relaxation CDs or music. I'm sure others here can advise on this.

    AF episodes are often associated with a frequent need to pee, so that might explain things if your broken nights are linked with the need to go to the loo.

  • Thank's CaroleF. Keith

  • G'day 777777,

    Yeah I do, and have done for years now ..... even before diagnosed with AF. From 1992 thro to 2010 I have been a shift worker (bus driver) and have always blamed my shift patterns, sometimes earlies, sometimes middles and sometimes lates, all within a 48 to 60 hour working week.

    I usually go to bed around 9.30 pm or later and wake up around 2 am. Sleep issues have not worsened as such since I was diagnosed with AF but they have become more entrenched. I'm now 72 and still work driving a tourist bus 30 hours a week, sometimes 40 in the tourist season. However, this is daytime hours only (07.15 to 17.15) BUT I must say at no time do I ever feel tired or sleepy when on duty. Not at all, in fact I become more focussed and 'switched on'. I tend to sleep better when I'm working than I am off duty pottering around at home. Those 4 days when I'm at home are worse for sleeping and I usually have a siesta from 1.30 pm for an hour or so. Still and all - I managed to average 6 & half hours sleep a day.

    If I wake up during the night for the loo I find it virtually impossible to get back to sleep - better when I've been working I must say - but I never fight it. I might stay up, for maybe and hour maybe up to 2 hours - catch up with emails, read or whatever, then back to bed and I drop off again for another 3 or 4 hours sleep fairly easily.

    I was diagnosed with AF in Jan 2010. Never had any complications normally associated with it, and am appropriately medicated. For me its an annoyance rather than something that affects my health.

    My partner (just out of interest) goes to bed at the same time and frequently can't get to sleep, often will be awake still counting sheep or whatever at 1.30 am. but then she drops off and sleeps for England !

    I must say though, picking up CaroleF's thoughts I am wondering if during the night my AF is trying to kick in. Certainly during my daytime hours, regardless of whether I am working or at home I am AF free.

    Hope that's of interest.


  • I was so pleased to read that others only get 5/6 hours maximum sleep. I am not tired during the day, so assume that is enough sleep for me. Lots of extra waking time to do other things. I did sleep when I was younger so assume it is an age thing....

    I get very breathless when I visit the bathroom in the night and that stops me getting back to sleep. Any suggestions from other insomniacs.

  • For relaxation I do 5 mins slow breathing exercises 3-4 times daily and have noticed my AF is less severe and doesn't last as long. Just before bed I sit on the edge of the bed for the 4th set and then get into a warm bed.

    Then, if needed I'll try meditation to relax. Dr Gupta has advice on video regarding breathing and meditation. Also Youtube has lots of videos you could try. I found one that lasted just 6 mins so I tried it after lunch one day whilst my cuppa cooled down. When I woke up the tea was stone cold so I guess meditation works.


  • Hi there I'm regularly waking up during the night at different times and i attribute it to physical anxiety from the arrhythmia. When I wake I'm practically begging my body to go into AF I'm so hyper. Restless legs as well.

    One app you might want to check out it sleep talk. You can set this active when you go to bed and it will record snippets of any noise picked up. This is useful to see if you have any issues with breathing. You could try different pillows fewer or more pillows to see if you can make yourself more comfortable.

    If you are worried about your condition talk about it to someone. I've found this helps with anxiety.

    I also had a mini stroke in Feb and have had arrhythmia since 2010. Mine has just got more prevalent as time has gone on. I was ablated on 18th Aug. Hoping to sleep through a whole night as things settle down.

  • I was thinking of getting some kind of recorder so I could record any sound, I don't know nothing about apps etc, I have a smart phone but I don't know much about it.

  • I don't sleep well at all and blame it on my meds. I am permanently tired but find it incredibly hard to 'drop off'. There is no point in my going to bed until I am really tired as I just cannot get to sleep. If I do get to bed early it just makes the situation worse. I can't remember the last time I had a good night's rest and woke up refreshed.

  • Hi feel I'm in AF at night wakes me up? Have a loop recording device installed in my chest but all it has shown is palpitations??had a stroke and doctors said it was through AF.i have whole in heart a PFO can't lie on my left side to sleep as I get a thump in my chest and wake up I'm exhausted in the morning also very anxious.

  • The doctors said my stroke was through AF also.

  • Has it affected you a lot? I'm ok but slow feel so guilty as I'm independent and back at work lost my job got redeployed I'm a cardiac nurse so worried a lot about my ♥️

  • Yes! I have depression and severe stress and anxiety.

  • Take care keep posting it does help sharing 🙂

  • Thank's.

  • Yes, I do but am not sure whether it's due to my AF or my age (I'm 80 next year and haven't had this problem until the last year or so.

  • I, too, had trouble sleeping through the night. I would wake up about every two hours, even before I was diagnosed with afib. I blamed it on age but a nurse told me I should be tested for sleep apnea. So I took a home sleep test and was told I did have sleep apnea even though I had none of the classic symptoms like obesity, snoring, gasping for air, etc. I asked my EP about sleep apnea's relation to afib since I was told by the nurse that is could be causing afib because insomnia and lack of adequate sleep causes many problems. He told me sleep apnea does not cause afib but makes it harder to treat which might be why my two ablations did not work. I now use a CCAP at night and sleep much better and longer before waking up. This may be a similar problem for other afibbers. Being tested might be a good idea for others. The sleep doctor told me there is a muscle in your throat that weakens with age which causes the problem. I am now taking an anti-afib med and have been in rhythm for over a year. Hopefully, it stays that way.

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