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Hello everyone - just joined your community

Have had Afib for a few years now but only got the diagnosis a couple of weeks ago because I collapsed an hour after (foolishly) showing my grandson how to use a heavy petrol strimmer. I've been given Amiodarone and Eliquis, but, to be honest, I'm a bit anxious about taking them because of the possible side effects - I don't want to develop an extra thing on top of what I already have! I'm sure that some of you feel/have felt the same way so I'd love your feedback, please.

P.S. I'm chewing several raw garlic cloves a day, taking vit E, vit C, CoQ10, and probiotics.

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Welcome to our friendly, helpful and supportive community - though in all honesty I imagine you'd rather not be here. I think we all understand the worries/fears when a diagnosis is first made.

Have you visited the main Atrial Fibrillation Association website? They produce lots of helpful information - including a pamphlet on medication.

I can't comment on Amiodarone (I take Bisoprolol), but given the 5x increased risk of a serious stroke I think it would be wise of you to take the anticoagulant as prescribed. Lots of us here take Eliquis/Apixaban and few of us report any problems with it. Me? I'd rather face the risk of a bleed than a massive stroke.

You may find this very recent post helpful too:


Fire away with any questions you may have - and read up as much as you can on the AFA site since I think everyone here would agree that knowledge about the condition does a lot to allay one's fears.



Remind me to stay up wind of you. I love garlic but not that much!

It is always scary when we are first diagnosed but rest assured we have all been there. The anticoagulant is important to reduce stoke risk which is high with AF but the amiodarone seems rather drastic as a first treatment. In UK it is a last resort drug sometimes used short term to assist cardioversion. This is under European Society of Cardiology protocol. I think you need to discuss your treatment with a specialist to be honest.

Go To AF Association website and read all you can about this mongrel condition and then start banging desks.


Welcome, it's your community now too. Be pleased to hear from you ongoing. Can't comment on your particular drugs but there are many here who can. Best wishes,

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Hello annandrea and welcome. I cannot comment on Amiodarone as I take Flecainide but I have been taking Apixaban for nearly four years without any side effects that I am aware of.

Reading the list of possible side effects of any medication is enough to scare anyone but, reading about the known effects of a stroke - particularly an AF stroke which can be amongst the worst - is enough to persuade me.

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This makes me wonder if there is a newer drug as effective as amio without the side effects. Amio worked so well for me, until it didn't.

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annandrea, I know exactly how you feel! I resisted taking amiodarone for about 6 months after developing afib, because of the potential side effects. I took another med which didn't help, plus warfarin. I finally decided to try cardioversion. I had to interview all my acquaintances who had any experience with it before feeling brave enough. I discovered it really wan't that big a deal, but the sinus rhythm only lasted a week or so. Then I went on the amio and was amazed when I converted after 3 days. That didn't last either. So I did another cardioversion -- again, not so freaked out this time -- and it held, with the amio.

Fast forward 3 years, the amio has just given me hyperthyroiditis, so I had breakthrough afib. Increasing the dose of course made it worse. My TSH was in the basement, free T3 and T4 very high. So I had to quit the amio. Now am on just metoprolol and eliquis (blood thinner), gradually feeling better but still in afib. When the thyroid is back to normal I will have to decide what to do next, if anything. I don't get as worried about it as I did at first. I think the amio was worth it while it lasted, but maybe if I have to do ablation eventually I should have done that instead?

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Taking Amiodarone for about a year made me hypothyroid, that is it gave me an underactive thyroid. I will now have to take thyroxin for the rest of my life.

Flecainide to me is a far better, more efficient pill and I now wish I'd been given that at the time instead of the Amiodarone. Also Amiodarone did not stop my AF, so it was really a waste of time when for me Flecainide has been like a wonder pill.

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