Can we have more than one attack of AF in the same day.

Hi. I had an AF attack at 5.30am today. I stayed calm took my pill in the pocket 200mg of flecainide. One hour later. As recommended by Cardiolgist. I took a further 50mg flec. Knowing i could even take 100mg but thats the maximum for the day. One hour later and i was back in sinus mode.

I feel releaved to know i can manage my attacks now with out having to go to A and E. I am travelling to Turkey next week and feel a little less stressed now. The question i have now left my self is what if i had another attack in the same day? I would only have 50mg of meds to take. I do also take 5mg of bisoprolol daily. ( only using flec as a pill in the pocket) I have only taken 2.5mg today as not sure really what to do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any advice would be very welcome.


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  • It all depends on what's par for your course, Mandy, and you will only gradually get to know that. You know now that flecainide will work for you and that should give you confidence.

    When I asked about travelling, my GP told me not to let AF rule my life and I'm glad I took his advice and went abroad for holidays. I've been fine on all six foreign trips. I hope you'll have a trouble free holiday.

    I've never had two sessions on the same day. I used to feel fairly sure that if I didn't wake up with AF, I would be OK for the day as it was an early morning thing, but once in a while I've found it can occur in the afternoon or evening.

    I have had AF for six years and it concerns me less than it used to but happens slightly more frequently. I don't take flecainide on a daily basis now so I do have plenty available for use as a pill in the pocket. Sometimes one needs to zap AF but recently I've tried not taking any flecainide and the episodes seem to be self terminating anyway without any intervention. I've rather dropped the pill in the pocket approach. It's a question of dipping one's toe in the water and finding what works.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Very helpful indeed. Thank you for replying.

    Take Care


  • In theory yes you can have events whenever your darned ticker wants you to BUT flecainide being an anti arrhythmic drug should hold that back. The daily maximum dose is 300mg in any 24 hour period and when I used it as PIP so long ago that is what I took, 300mg ----ZAP one dose and pray nothing went wrong again.

    Just go and have that holiday and to hell with AF. You can feel sh-t at home or sh-t in a nice place. Which would you prefer?

  • Turkey is very hot at this time of year can that be a factor in AF?

  • Sorry didn't mean to suggest that your home wasn't a nice place. Hope you get my drift.

  • Love it. Thank you Bob. I think once i have survived this holiday i will be fine for future ones.

    Thanks for your support.


  • In my case, I have had multiple episodes in a day, lasting two days a couple times. But when my Flec was increased they went away.

  • Hi Mandy

    It depends on what you consider an "Afib attack" I personally have numerous episodes of Afib daily! My heart rate averages 150, each episode last between 15mins up to 3-4 hours and on occasion up to 14 hours. I have always gone back to NSR on my own. I have never gone to emergency. I had my 3rd ablation 5weeks ago and still. Continue to have episodes. I take no meds by choice other than Xeralto. We all react differently what is kind of normal for one is very frightening for another. Hopefully you will find a coping method soon. Take heart you're not alone and I hope you know there are many here to help you feel more comfortable with the woes of Afib. Cheers ,

  • Thank you. You are amazing with the way you control your A F. Its all so very new to me and has taken over my life. I have now accepted i have this condition and am working hard to take back control.

    Thank you for your support.

    Take Care.

  • Clare. Can i ask what you do to take control with out medication when having an attack. I need to learn all i can.

    I felt an inner panick after 2 hours and that was with medication. This then starts to make me feel as though my throat is closing thus causing me to panick even more. After an attack i cannot sleep at night because i fear another one. Blooming nightmare i am.

  • Hi Mandy, I was prescribed flec in April this year as pip and to take 300 mg if I went into AF, I have had to take them 4 times between April and June, the last time being on holiday in Tenerife, thankfully I came out of it after 10 hours and did not need to go to hospital but it was touch and go, since that day I decided to take a 1/4 of flec, 25mg on a daily basis and have not been in AF since.

    I told cardiologist about it and he doesn't think that such a low dose should work, but now he has prescribed me 25mg daily but I still carry my PIP just in case.

  • Thanks Danesmesis. I am also new to AF diagnoses in October 2016. I was put on beta blockers in the first instance and if i had an attack i went straight to A and E. I was put straight on a drip. Now after seeing cardiologist they percribed the pill in the pocket. 200mg straight away. After an hour another 100mg. No more. Thankfully i have come out of Af within that advice.

    However i went for an appointment with cardiologist, before he gave me this new advice. Because i wanted to talk about ablation. He said no to the operation because i do not or have not had enough attacks to worrent this. He did however change my medication from 7.5mg betablocker to 5mg. Which i was happy with as i was like a zombie. He gave me 50 x 2 flec each day. I have had so many missesd beats, eratic heats runs since. I have sacked the extra flec. I keep that as an essential pill in the pocket. I am sticking to the beta blockers and am now on 5mg.

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