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One week post ablation

Well progressing slowly which is good.Have had one day with AF but not severe as usual,nothing since.My own fault caused faint and dizziness (DEHYDRATION) drinking plenty of water corrected that. My thigh bruise has now reached my knee but not causing any problems,will keep an eye on it. (Well it's hard not to it's so large lol)

My phrenic nerve damage is affecting me, finding stairs a problem and anything that needs more effort,but know that will improve hopefully over the coming months.

Will continue to take it easy over my 2nd week and hope to report more progress so far I'm happy.


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Jane I always found the mulit-coloured swap shop which was my inner leg a useful guide to healing. Once it has faded to grey you know things have started to get better inside but do remember the three to six months for full healing.


Thanks Bob, I will heed your advice about rest rest and more rest.Catching up on reading books I've had here for sometime and enjoying it.


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