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Pernicious anemia

Hi this is my second attempt at this text I don't know what happened the first time anyway im tom Lancashire 1 thanks to everyone for your advice i went to see my doctor again told him how i felt and that i was getting weaker and more tired everyday he gave me a blood test and I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia i have been having vitamin b12 injections every other day since last week i have my last one on Monday then once every three months the doctor said i should be feeling a lot better in a week or so keeping my fingers crossed thanks again to everyone who replied to me. Tom Lancashire 1

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Thanks for letting us know the outcome. I hope these injections will improve you significantly.

Make a note to have the next one promptly and don't wait for them to remind you as sometimes things get overlooked.


Thank goodness you found out what it was.Pern. anaemia is a nasty thing to have.

I wish you well and keep up with the injections.


Hi Tom. I too am from Lancashire. I was diagnosed with anaemia several years ago, long before I got AF. It was picked up at the blood donor session when my blood refused to sink in the test jar. I too had a few B12 injections on alternate days, and then have had one every three months for many years. I don't mind, and find that I can tell when it is becoming due as I start to get very tired a week or two before.

I was told it is probably a hereditary condition, as my father's sister had it as well, but wasn't diagnosed until she was dying of something else.


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