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Probiotics seem to curb my paroxysmal AFIB episodes

So here is what I've done and I haven't had an full blown AFIB episode since starting it. I've had periods where I felt AFIB was going to start but it hasn't.

The answer for me seems to be probiotics, massive doses of probiotics. Yogurt, Kefir, pills with 5,000,000 units of probiotics, a drink called "gut shot" which consists of beet juice and ginger, sour kraut and anything else touted to be heavy in probiotics. Like I said I sometimes feel like AFIB is coming on but I'll go to the fridge, take a shot of the "gut shot" and it seems to prevent the onset.

To me this all ties in with the relationship between digestion and AFIB. I had to take massive doses of antibiotics a few months ago and my AFIB episodes became more frequent after that, almost daily.

Prior to the antibiotics I would get AFIB only if I drank too much alcohol. Then I read about antibiotics and how they kill off all the good bacteria in your gut, and elsewhere. That started me off on my probiotic experiment.

I just wanted to pass this along to see if anyone else has tried this. It can't hurt and may help others.

Note that my AFIB is of the paroxysmal or lone type so may not apply to other types.

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Michael Mosley and clinicians on television have shown a lot of interest in prebiotics such as Kefir that help the microbiome. Whether prebiotics have a positive effect on AF or is an association is untested, but if your microbiome is in a good state then it''s likely to be beneficial to your general health. I see that Waitress sell Kefir.


Yes, sounds like you have vagally mediated Lone AF like me. Digestion is a big issue re AF I believe and you can't expect to improve that overnight , maybe a year improving your diet and taking supportive supplements agreed with an experienced person - in the UK recently I have come across naturedoc.co.uk . Also I wouldn't rely on just that to fix your AF, look at other lifestyle/supplements discussed in this Forum. Good Luck!

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