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Fair day


I'm going to apologize ahead. If I get repeatative I'm sorry. Sometimes I get hung up on a thought and I repeat that thought several times. Also, if I type some words improperly I can actually blame auto correct. It tends to create words for me that are not even part of the conversation.

Now past that, today wasn't too bad although my phone refused to let me get any rest more than a hour. I would turn it off but since it's my fell phone hand it's all I have I bare it. Besides you can't have everthing you want all the time.

My anxiety has made a mess of me. Right now don't really move about much unless someone is here in the house with me hand I still have a very hard time tolerating lots of commotion. So I scoot up in bed then slide back down. Its giving my arms a good working. Its going to take a while to get over this mess. But I will keep going. Some days I will have my humor and some days not so much. But for now hubby is doing his best to clean the house and my meds are beginning to working. I will journal some more tomorrow. Lots of love and hugs to whoever wants them or needs them.

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Morning Ruby

I think I detect a hint of progress.

Try and think of interests you may be able to pursue that you might be capable of doing. Maybe a good book that you can get involved in.

If there is nothing - see if your husband can take you out for a trip in the car for a change of scenery .

The idea is to try and take your mind off of your heart condition.

Getting on with something like this should help.

I have used this method when my AF, Tachycardia or Tinnitus are at their worst. It doesn't always work but it is worth trying.

Hope you continue to get better.


Baby steps maybe, but sounds like some progress here Rubyladyemerald . Good for you! Sending hugs and good wishes x

'Today was better than yesterday' is a real step in the right direction for you. Pete has given very good advice to distract your thoughts from heart matters. I hope today is a bit better than yesterday . . . and so on.

Best wishes.

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