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Magnesium supplements


There are so many magnesium supplements, I do not know which one to take for Afib and what milligram? Any suggestions

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Always discuss anything like that with your medical team but if you search under Magnesium there will be lots of previous posts giving ideas.


Definitely clear it with your EP, though they are as likely as not to have zero knowledge of it. Many A Fibbers take Magnesium Taurate.

Dr Sanjay Gupta, a cardiologist at York Hospital recommends magnesium taurate and he has a You Tube video on the subject. ('Why magnesium is so good for you')

I believe the brand he recommends is sold on Amazon. I don't take it myself and, as BobD says, you should discuss any supplement with your medical team.

I think quite a few of us use a spray. Since I bought mine, a gel has been brought out which might be better as the spray doesn't always go where intended.

I take magnesium citrate which has good bio-availability. 1 x 150gm tablet p.d. I also eat a lot of nuts, wholefood etc, to get Mg naturally.

There is this interesting study I came across the other day:

which found that Mg supplementation reduced elevated levels of CRP, an inflammation marker. Perhaps this is how it helps with AF, which is an inflammatory condition.

songbird74 in reply to MarkS

thanks for this link - really interesting

I take the Bio Magnesium tablets. They are ones that you can dissolve in water. Since going from 1 to 2 a day, my ectopics have all but stopped and I am generally much less aware of my heart during the day.

Contra21 in reply to Alan_G

Which tablets are these

i take the citrate 150 morning and evening. Since I started taking them and going on a diet at the same time I have lost two stone and the length of my AF bouts has reduced to half - I put this down to the weight loss but interestingly i have been travelling a lot recently and forgot to take my bottle of magnesium with me and the length of af bouts crept up again but as soon as I bought some and started them again it went back down so I'm now a believer and am wondering if I dare increase my dose.

When you up your dose you will be able to tell the right amount for you. Increase gradually until you reach the amount where you might need to rush to the loo, then scale back a bit from there. People differ. I take 800mg of magnesium citrate a day, occasionally more.

Interestingly, my dose matches that suggested in the link provided by psage.

Don't be worried about it. Unless you have existing kidney problems, your body will efficiently get rid of excess magnesium down the loo.



It would be interesting to see a double blind study on the use of magnesium supplements and the effect on AF. I've taken magnesium supplements for years but they have never suppressed AF.

Plantwords in reply to Hidden

Magnesium supplementation is not intended to suppress AF. My naturopath and EP recommended I take up to 1200mg daily to calm the heart. I first started magnesium glycinate well before I had AF to help with cramping in my calf and stiffness in my joints particularly when driving. It worked for the latter and I have not had an issue in over 15 years. I also tend to take a higher amount at night before sleeping and it helps me have a more restful sleep.

i found this site helpful: livingwithatrialfibrillatio...

Hi Slattery - would be great to hear back from you re messages!

Slattery in reply to KathFrances

Thanks everyone for this information, I will start taking magnesium starting with a low dose.

1) Mg Malate --> metabolism, more energy and muscle pain 2) Mg Glycinate --> relaxing and nerve pain 3) Mg Citrate --> relaxing, muscle pain and good for kidneys 4) Mg Taurate --> cardiovascular health 5) Mg Chloride --> Detoxifying and good for kidneys 6) Mg Threonate --> anxiety, depression and improve memory. These are the top 6. Dosage is depending on each person. Rule of thumb --> male 400mg and female 350mg. But you can increase or decrease based on your body reaction.

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