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RF Ablation Under Sedation


Saw a new EP yesterday. I have been on Cartia XT since October when I was diagnosed with Paroxysmal AFIB.

I went almost 6 months before I had my second episode on April 12th. I have had an episode every 1-2 weeks since. Multaq was prescribed which made me I'll and I had no energy.

I had a follow up appt yesterday and my EP suggested RF ablation. I agreed and I was called back this morning. An opening was available for Monday so I took it. I am so ready for this.

My EP is doing sedation only not general anesthesia. He states I will be able to come home the same day.

Anybody had ablation with sedation only? He states I will be slightly aware of my surroundings or could sleep through most of it.

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Yes I have had ablation with sedation and for the majority it is fine. You may be interested to know that the drug they use has the effect of creating amnesia and you should not remember much at all.

Good wishes for a successful ablation on Monday.


perkman in reply to pottypete1

Thanks Pete. Good to know.

Good luck for Monda do let us know how you get on,

Many people on here have described their ablation under sedation- I'm sure they will give you more info when they see your post

I've had two ablations with just sedation and you're not too aware of what's going on. For me there was nothing terrible about it.

Hope all goes well on Monday and that you are cured.



Good luck on Monday but do remember that you need A LOT of rest and time to recover. Ignore what they tell you about recovery. As House used to say "everybody lies" . Three to six months is average time for full healing and you may have some strange events during that time which will likely make you question why you did it. Ignore them as well . It is so worth it!!!


Yes, I had one in 2005 and it was no problem. The sedative made me feel very sleepy, spaced-out and relaxed. When they started ablating, that was after about 2+ hours (seemed like 15 minutes), I could feel it and I remember groaning. I immediately heard the word "morphine" and the next thing I knew was waking up in bed. Mine was done late in the day, so I had to stay overnight and actually then another day because they thought the groin entry point might be infected, but it wasn't as it turns out.

If I was having another ablation under sedation I would go ahead without much thought. I've had one under GA as well and the only benefit (for me) was that it was all over in an instant. On the other hand, under sedation I was able to watch the monitors and listen to them, which was fascinating.

Have a good one.


Mine was under sedation and I zoned in and out throughout the time. But I was kept in overnight as I'd already had a heart attack and quad bypass three years earlier.

looking forward to hearing how it went JG

I had my ablation yesterday afternoon under sedation. It took 4 hours. I felt no pain and waiting to be discharged from hospital this morning.

It was late when they finished and I started bleeding from one of my Cath punctures.

I was understandably nervous but the worst part seems to be the clotting of the Cath entry point.

I wouldn't hesitate doing it again.

This is good to hear.

Go gently now and try to avoid going up and down stairs too often - look after that puncture site. I had a bleed once as well but it gave no further trouble.

I have the same condition as you and had my first ablation (hopefully only one) also in July like you! I have had lots of little AFib episodes and a couple of longer ones. What do you mean by the 'blanking period'? I thought I would be better and am fed up. My ablation was done without medication, just a local anaesthetic. It was all very scary and uncomfortable in my heart/chest area and they spent 3 hours on the procedure, due to a complication, instead of the expected hour and a half. I couldn't bear to go through another ablation. I hope I am not told I need one, but I am not healed yet and my AFib comes at very inconvenient moments!!

perkman in reply to fifitb

Blanking Period is a term used for the 3 month period after an ablation. During this 3 month period any episode of afib is not counted as a failure in the ablation. Only after 3 month period is it counted.

I am on antiarrhytmic drugs to help keep me in Normal Sinus Rhythm and now I have started to decrease it.

I was heavily sedated and felt nothing.

Good Luck

Thank you for your reply.

I would just like to know why cardiologists do not tell you these things. I had no idea of the blanking period and had thought I would be fine with no episodes after the ablation. If I'd been warned, I wouldn't have been so upset or worried when I had AFib again, in a different way than before also!

Thanks again. This forum is such a help!

PS lucky you to be heavily sedated! I had to ask them to stop at one point. And now, when I get an AFib episode, I sense it about to happen by the feeling in my chest I had when they were doing the ablation!

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