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An update on the Amiodrone


Getting towards the end of first week of loading up on oral after my 26 hour IV.

Attached is my rough trending of heart rates day by day. I can't remember the last time it was this low. Pre Christmas maybe.

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Week that worked. How long would you be taking it for or don't you know?

This week its 3x a day at 200mg... next week it drops to twice a day.

Today my HR is averaging 51.

One extreme to the other. How do you feel with it that low?

Weak, tired and think my BP is running low. But STILL not as weak tired and dizzy as the heights of 147-218

I'm hoping this is going to go really well for you. You mentioned 59 days a month ago, so I imagine you are keeping fingers crossed that you can get on an even keel before the little one arrives. Exciting times.

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