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3 months post Ablation, ups and downs

Had Ablation for persistent A F, first 2 days after Ablation pulse was steady 60, then went up to 100 to 130 for next 6 weeks but still in normal rhythm, then dropped to 52 to 56 for next 5 weeks, thought it was sorted.

Then next day checked pulse it was 120 to 130 with eptopic beats, so went doc's and gave me a one off dose of Bisopalol as i am all ready on Amiodarone, 2 days later pulse 70 to 80.

I know what Bob means now when he said it takes up to 6 months to settle down.

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Ablation is not a switch for sure.!!


cheers Bob


It can certainly take a few months. On my case, a few eeeks after, I went into atrial flutter, recording a high but very steady pulse of about 150 while doing an easy country walk. This lasted about two weeks, I was prescribed bisoprolol but the problem corrected itself before I took any. At about the 4-5 month point I was able to do hillwalking, but with some erratic pulse at times, particularly if I overdid things. It has steadily improved since then but I try not to overdo things. It can take time but I suggest you monitor your pulse carefully, particularly if exercising., the sports/ fitness trackers with chest straps are good. Good luck with your recovery.

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Sorry you are having problems too. Did the bisoprolol work? I am in a similar situation having had my 3rd ablation nearly 3 months ago, went back into AF on Saturday beating around 120 at rest, can't see doctor until tomorrow


yes the bisoprolol did bring it down


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