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5N's: Nosh aNd Natter iN Norfolk. Amended text

I'm thinking of organising a Nosh and Natter one Saturday in May or June. Initially in the city of Norwich. We'd meet in a slightly off the city centre café, for morning drinks and lunch. Finishing no later then 2.30 pm. The purpose of the meet is for individuals with AF to get to know each other. Is anyone interested and willing to attend?

If there are repeated events that become a success we could move around the county. We could formalise the group if there is continuing interest, willingness and commitment.

I notice there is a Peterborough AFA group. I don't know if those who attend are from north Norfolk.

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I hope you eventually get some enthusiasm here, MtLSteven


Thanks. Yours is the second post I've received. This maybe because the AFA is not widely known.


Hi MtLSteven. I've just read your post re the Nosh and Natter meet in Norwich. I would be interested in attending should one be organized. I live about 10 miles south of the City.



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