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If it isn't one thing, it's another!


I'm not one of those sickly types that's always ill and moaning about it: if I feel ill I give it a fortnight then go to the doctor if necessary. Usually it isn't necessary.

Having said that, I fell victim to Chronic Fatigue in 1989, clinical depression in the 1970's that went undiagnosed for years - 'it's anxiety and nervous tension' they said. And a wonky heartbeat in 1993 that was dismissed as 'nothing much'. Despite all that I am a cheery soul (aged 69, female, UK) and relieved to have finally been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and Diabetes type 2. Perhaps we can now get this aged body sorted out; I just have to lose 3 stone - by Friday!! su

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Ino that feeling 😕 Been getting told I suffered from anxiety since I can reamber but it's AFib and now waiting to have my ablation procedure in 3 months time. The worst thing is coming off all them anxiety drugs they gave me . It's kicks my AFib and ectopic heart beats 💗 off big time . Hope you get sorted out soon 👍🏼

hi Sam, once I finally started taking Prozac I never looked back; you can't fight the drugs all the time. I tried to wean myself off them and suffered a major setback.

Hope your 'procedure' goes well.

Aww thanks 👍🏼and I was on Prozac for 19 years haven't taken any in 4 now , they sorted my hormones out that was making my heart worse 🙄 but that's another story . Here if you need a chat anytime Hun ❤️


Treated me for stress for two years which I went along with as I was. But hey ho onwards and upwards last five years long journey but in a better place

24yearsandcounting in reply to Hidden

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; keep well!

well done on the plan to lose 3 stone- that could well turn everything around- I have met people whose diabetes disappeared when thy changed eating habits and weight and it will also help AF if you eat very healthy foods

hi, thanks; I was diagnosed diabetic first and was told to eat lots of green leafy veg; then came the AF diagnosis and warfarin, and was told to watch the green leafy stuff. I understand as long as I eat the same amount every day - within reason - I should be ok. I have lost about 7 or 8 lbs already. I miss the gin though!

well done!

I have switched to Apixaban which means can eat all the good stuff!!

In a state of shock I was asked by my doctor to choose which medication I wanted; there were three with unpronounceable names, and good old tried-and-tested warfarin - the only one I have heard of. so I picked that one. its early days but I will keep reading these really useful posts and see how it goes. I am so glad I found this website; I don't feel such an oddity!

I am not a Dr but would recommend you get a copy of the Ten Day Detox book by Dr Mark Hyman. I have afib and am pre-diabetic and was just hitting diabetic bloods before I did the detox - after doing the ten days I lost 8 Lbs - fat as well as water and my blood sugar reduced significantly. (I don't worry too much about all the supplements he says to take although I do take magnesium) I have continued on the very low carb diet now for 9 months with the help of a nutribullet to make the smoothies and his other book 'The Blood Sugar Solution' have lost 2 stones, my blood sugar is down to high normal (except on days I have afib when it gets typically goes from 5.3 to 6.7) and I feel much better for it. The duration of my afib has reduced by 50% from 2 days in 4 to 1 day in 4. I still need to lose more but am moving in the right direction. If you try this and want more info let me know as I can tell you which smoothies I prefer and how I have adapted the menus to fit my lifestyle. I never thought I would be able to lose weight as I had 'tried everything' but this really works for me - good luck!

Thanks for this; I eat very plainly - the sort of stuff my granny would have recognised. Simple ingredients, simply cooked. I have lowered my portion size, and drastically reduced butter and other fats, and (of course) all sweets and chocks except for my ONE after eight mint a day. I like eating my food, not drinking it, and there is the pleasure of eating and enjoying it, and I get all the fibre. Lots of people have suggested juicing but I am not convinced it's for me. I am a lone voice in the wilderness I think! but thanks for taking the trouble to write.

I can empathise easily with your post, 24yearsandcounting. We so need a diagnosis of any problem we have. It needs a name and an explanation. Glib, non committal comments don't help. I currently am going through a neurological problem where some things are not working but no-one will say what it is. I think I know what it is - but I need a proper diagnosis. Once that happens, I can sail along quite happily and as you say, sort this aged body out!

Love your posting name....I think I may change to '80yearsandnotcountinganymore'

I certainly hope that you get a diagnosis soon; you feel you can make a contribution to getting well again when you know what you are fighting. my doctor laughed and said 'I think it's just you' when I developed chronic fatigue, so I booked a walking holiday to try and knock some health into myself. Bad decision. Don't change your user name, remember you have to type it in every time you log on, and it's so much longer than dadog! I regret typing 'somethingreallyobscure' in desperation on one website - it accepted it and now I am stuck with it.

hope your neurological problems get sorted.

Ain't it the truth. My motto is "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome" The universe tapped on the shoulder and showed me who was in charge.. Went from very strong athlete to huffing and puffing picking up the cat sand! Oh Well. Keep calm and carry on. :^)

at least your kitty looks quite small, mine weighs 10 kilos, so I don't encourage picking up! My worst time was when I got back into the car to drive from one side of the car park to the other, rather than walk-and-wheeze. it's a sad sort of consolation that there are so many people affected. Ride on lad!

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