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Funny rhythm. Any ideas?


I've been in a very funny AF since around four am today.

It's not really fast.

It's just not normal sinus rhythm.

It's a bit fast normal then a bit fast then normal.

It just goes on......

Well at least it's not stopped.

To be honest. I'm confused by it.

But i know its due to having a really rotten flu like cold.

Taken my tablets. Being as normal as possible.

But hope it goes to nsr soon.

I'm on annual leave for goodness sake!!!!!

Any ideas? Please.

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Well, this is unfair when you've got time off, but that's what AF can be like.

It sounds like it's got something to do with being unwell. I hope you have a good night and are back to normal sooner rather than later. All the best!

Andyt36 in reply to Rellim296

Hi there hope all is well, i have had something similar i think where it has been a regular irregular rythm, if that makes sense. None the less it was still AF as far as i was concerned. Hope you have reverted to Sinus. Would be good to get a more well rounded view on this.

gwyn53 in reply to Andyt36

Thanks. Back in nsr.

But stupidly i just needed to know I'm ok.


Silly isn't it.

Andyt36 in reply to gwyn53

Not silly we all need some reassurance. Glad you are back in sinus

starry-eyes in reply to gwyn53

Good to hear! Illness affects me a bit like that too. I force myself to rest when I think tiredness or illness has caused a blip.

Enjoy the rest of your time off!

gwyn53 in reply to starry-eyes

Back on course.


I sometimes just get a little wary when it goes haywire.

But today I'm back on form.☺

starry-eyes in reply to gwyn53

Understandable! I just get cross!

barbara2 in reply to gwyn53

We all feel the same, gwyn, in regards to wanting to know everything will be OK. Can be frightening along the way, but when you've experienced getting back into nsr, it builds confidence that it will happen again. It's so hard...we all know this too well.

In the meantime, get better soon! :-) That will most likely help your heart rhythm, too.


After my first Ablation my Afib returned after 2 months. The Afib events varied from a few hours to maybe a day. Every Afib event was a lil different. Like no two colds are the same the same with Afib. Sometimes mild with no symptoms and others more extreme. My second Ablation so far has worked for 4 months afib free!. Well worth trying again!


Typical whilst you're on leave 😒. All illness should be strictly confined to working hours 😀.

I've had similar when I had a virus I brought back from Madeira. It got the doctors confused and the problem just went away when the virus cleared up.

Hope you feel better soon.


Drink plenty. My heart rate does this yoyo thing too. Makes me feel strange and sick. Bisprolo usually sorts it.

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