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Hello all

Hi all for those who perhaps remember me, and hope you are all well.

Not posted for a while but always visit the site from time to time.

Basically been AF free since ny ablation Feb 2015, however November 16, from totally out of the blue I endured severe chest pain one day, GP sent me off to A&E where tests were done but nothing wwas found, however it was felling like my heart was miisng beats albeit not like AF.

Also visited my EP, who found no trace of AF, but was concerned about the chest pain still being evident and in turn contacted a Cardiologist in which they discussed my Coronary Calcium score which was very good so should be no concerns for Angina etc.

Anyway after a week of the chest pain, all reverted back to normal and all was good until Friday 17th March, when again out of the blue chest pains returned, which in turn seemed to trigger missed beats, but not like any AF.

This has gone on for over a week now, albeit a visit to the GP and everything was fine, NSR, BP was very good.

However I have had to take some Bisoprolol for the last five days, 1.25 to stop the miss beats and the one day of a HR of about 80pm.

So was wondering has anyone else encountered chest pains linked to the AF, as this seems to be a trigger now, which was never the case and feels so different to my original AF.

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My af always brings chest pain with it and severe pain at that requiring morphine when it gets very bad. Angiogram was fine no other heart disease detected.


Thanks Meadfoot, must be something new for me to tend with, altjough not anywhere near as severe as your pain.

My EP was pretty adamant the two were not linked.


I always get chest pain when in AF and it is quite frequently put down to indigestion by some doctors however one time in hospital a particularly caring doctor who for once did not dismiss it this way explained to me that it was most probably the great arteries going into spasm because of the rate my 💓 was going at. Although scary at least i had an explanation for the pain which i felt a comfort in a way as i certainly knew it was not indigestion!! Best wishes


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