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Hi i am a 34 yrs old guy i have a little problem if anybody can find me a solution. Last two weeks ago i ate broiled chicken sandwitch and suddenly when i swalloed one loaf it got down into my throat very hardly perhaps it was a bit of chicken bone or i didn't chew it well it hurted my left side throat from inside and i instantely syarted feeling little pain but i thought it will get well next morning and at night before bed i gorgouled my throat with salted water but next morning i still felt little pain in my left side throat tosil swollen with pain and i again gorgoled my throat with salted water and while cleaning my throat i saw very tiny red blood came out five times only i wanna tell you i am very timid and superstitious by nature bcos every day i watch symptoms of several deases on youtube and feel that i also have these symptoms Well" i got scared and i started check my mouth in the mirror then i saw in the last corner of my left tongue it was a red inflamation i again got scared and went to see a dentist he saw it and said it's only inflamation not something bad so he gave me some anti inflamation medicines for a week and in a week all my pain gone away and now i am all right but still i feel that on my tongue there is still a little part red but dentist says that it's normal bcos the other side of my tongue is also little red dentist says don't worry its normal so plz tell me the tongue is normally remains red deep in the last or not by the way i have no any other problem in eating, drinking, or in swallowing dentist says the problrm is when you feel problem in swalloing food or in drinking or eating but i have no such problem. Thanks God..

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  • it sounds as if you have done all the correct things and I think dentists are the most knowledgeable about mouths so you should be pleased with his advice. Bleeding is scary but there was a good reason for it from the bone

    If you are still concerned then check with your GP but what you have said is quite re-assuring I think

  • I think your dentist is right. You most probably had a scratch from a bone in your chicken and now it is healing. Please chew your food thoroughly before swallowing in case small bones get through and you will detect them and have no more problems.

    Take care!

  • Ya you are right mam. I will inchallah. Thanks for the reply.

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