AF after the ablation


Quick question, how long after an ablation can I expect to stop getting atrial fibrillation or palpitations?

It's only been 2 weeks, I am back at work and have, just today, started getting palpitations which cause me to feel shattered and unable to concentrate. Have I over done it coming back to work so soon or is this just something I need to push through and wait for my heart to settle down after the operation?

Thanks in advance


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  • If you have a strenuous job Mark I would guess you've certainly gone back too early. If a desk job, then perhaps not. I personally think no one should go back to work before two weeks. When did you have your ablation and when did you go back to work?


  • Hi Jean, I had it on the 1st and returned to work on 16th after two weeks. I work in an office at a desk the most strenuous part of my day is getting into work snd home. I have a pregnant partner and a 2 year okd boy that demands a lot my time too 😊

  • I am sure they will have told you that it takes at least three months for the heart to fully heal so this is not unexpected. You need to listen to your body. We are all different and some people do get back to normal quite quickly but two weeks is really nothing. What the doctors will tell you that you can do and what you experience are very often sadly quite different. We have been there, most of them haven't.

  • Thanks, it's not entirely unexpected but as you can probably relate, is a bit frustrating. I also simply don't known what to say to my work because one day I can be fine and full of energy and motivation, the next totally shattered and unable to concentrate etc 😩

  • I know that feeling well! You probably should have had more time off. Could you go off sick again as you're still not right?

  • Probably but I would beed to soeak to the doctor. When I had my pre-op Inspoke to the arrhythmia nurse and he said 2 weeks should be ok.

  • I wish i had read this shortly after my ablation

  • I bet Jonathan, sorry if I came on a bit heavy but it's a message we shout from the rooftops.....hope your ticker has settled wishes, John

  • No worries. I am the type of person who needs to a bit of a heavy talking to! It is quite incredible how the advice and experiences vary. I really thought I was being a very good boy as I did almost nothing for two weeks!

  • I think you should be honest with your work and give yourself a good rest. It's three weeks since mine and I'm shattered and have hardly done anything yet at all.

  • Thanks for all your replies. I'll soeak to my doctor and ask their opinion about time off and that I'm stil feeling wiped out. It seems two weeks was maybe a little too soon from what people are saying here.


  • Hi Mark,

    What you describe if perfectly 'normal' if I can use the term for many people post-ablation. In my case, I had lots of AF and other irregular rhythm going on for 2 1/2 months after my procedure and now 6 months post-ablation I still get palpitations which are missed or extra beats. It really shakes you up because I never understood that things could get a lot worse before they got better. They did get worse but they also got better and now I am in normal sinus rhythm. It's hard but hang in there because there is light at the end of the AF tunnel. Be good to yourself and take things as easy as you can right now.


  • thanks that's very reassuring 😊

  • Lots of different experiences. It took 5 months for mine to settle down completely but i was retired 😊😊😊

    However am AF free for over 3 years and counting. Be kind to yourseld, take the time you need and hopefully you will soon see the benefits.

    Good luck 🍀

  • Thanks I definitely will after hearing about everybody's experience of it, I just need to be patient 🙂

  • Hi Mark, I had my ablation on 24th January, just under 4 weeks ago. Like you i had 2 weeks of complete rest. I am back working and like you, i just need to get there and back and then sit down all day. My heart has calmed a lot since pre ablation, but i am still getting daily skipped beats. I am still extremely tired with little energy, but although i didnt expect to feel this shattered, I know after reading many posts on here that i need to give it time. I think you also need to give yourself time and rest when you can.

  • Thanks Rosie. After posting this and reading everyone's comments I returned to the doctor and they have signed me off work for a further week rest and suggested a phased return to work which I have just today started. I'm being careful not to overdo it and putting my health first instead of rushing in head first and wearing myself out, which is exactly what I did a week ago. :)

  • Thanks for all the questions and answers. I haven't had ablation yet, am just beginning to consider it since I had to go off amiodarone, which was keeping me in sinus rhythm.

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