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Post ablation medication


Hi. Just wondered if there are many post ablatees who are now medication free. If so do you still suffer from AF attacks or are you completely free of it. Seems everyone is on some form of medication. Now 4 weeks since my ablation and cardiologist recommended to come off everything. I can't see that lasting just by reading the posts. Already had some AF attacks.

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A little more than 1 month out post ablation. NO MEDS. No problem!

No meds except Rivaroxaban and one short episode since my ablation 14 months ago.

mass70 in reply to Buffafly

Thats very good. Are you back to exercising? Jogging etc.

My EP said l could stop my BB, l said l wish to stay on it for a month to protect my heart, he was happy with that.

Hi, I had my ablation 10 days ago, currently on bisoprolol and rivaroxaban. I have been told by my EP to stay on both until i see him in April. My heart is still missing beats and faster during the night. All being well i will be able to come off of both when i see him.

I came off meds about 4 weeks after ablation in 2014 no episodes until Sept 2016 - 2 since then but very minor. I take anti coagulants only.

I had cryoblation in sept still on all meds see cardio next week to see about getting off some I hope

Had ablation at beginning of September, came off betablockers about 6 weeks afterwards. I had a few ectopics or whatever but nothing major. Fingers crossed no AF. Still taking Apixaban and my understanding is that it is normal to remain on anticoagulants indefinitely.

Hi there, I went for a post- ablation check up 3 months after the op- to my surprise the consultant said I could come off Warfarin, that was fine by me!

I have not had af since, that was 21 months ago. Prior to the op I was on a beta blocker then diltiazem but didn't get on with either so stopped them.

If ablation stops AF then logically you shouldn't need any meds afterwards!

I had afib and flutter for about 6 years before the ablation.

Now I have a normal life- go to work, swim, walk no problem.

Have also lost two and a half stone with a slimming club.

Good luck

MarkS in reply to Phaedra

The problem is that an ablation is not a cure, it just reduces the symptoms. The underlying cause still remains - that is the the nature of the interior surface of the heart which would still give irregular beats if it wasn't for the tissue destroyed by the ablation. It is this surface which is believed helps generate the clots.

Having said that, there is limited evidence that an ablation does reduce stroke risk somewhat. However many EPs reckon the risk is still there so the standard advice is to continue with anti-coags. Also there is a risk of asymptomatic AF.

With a CHADSVASC score of 2, I'm continuing with warfarin despite a successful ablation.

Almost 2 years since 4th ablation. In SR and still on all meds

mass70 in reply to Barb1

Thats tough to take.

I came off meds on day of ablation - excepting anticoagulant. I am 3 years post ablation and still AF free. I have had the odd short episode lasting a few minutes but still consider myself AF free. I had lots of arrhythmias for the 5 months post ablation but gradually settled down. Bliss!

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