Hi all taken my Kardia this morning as not feeling too good and noticed an odd ecg, anyone have any ideas?

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  • That second beat looks like an ectopic.

  • if it has inverted t wave it is ectopic.

  • Agree 2nd beat is an ectopic with large compensatory pause after. On its own this is of no significance.

  • The record is to short to find out any meaningful :(.

  • Hi hope u feel better 🌺

    You said "you dont feel well" is it a feeling you have had before or is it a different feeling of unwell. What are your symptoms?

    Your ecg yes looks like an ectopic beat but the t wave looks like a high take off, you need to repeat a couple of times to make sure that T wave stays the same

    If its going higher you need to call a ambulance

    Thats the problem with thses great devices they dont train people in ecg reading

    I think reading ecg can be great if u are only looking for Af and ectopics beats

    But to read an ecg u must see the whole page its complicated you cant just look at a snap shot

    And unless you are a doctor really should not be given advise about Ecg

    And that "it looks okay" U need to be a clinical expert to read and understand ecgs

    Sorry but its bad pratise and dangerous. For the lay person to say an ECG looks okay they have no experience or clinical knowledge to do so

    If you frel unwell not good and u have not felt like this before uou need to call

    Either a amulance ir GP

    I hope u feel better 🌺

  • I suspect those of us responding for comment about this short rhythm strip are doctors or medics and are trying to be helpful.

  • And very glad of your advice and opinion we (or at least, I ) am. Please keep commenting. X

  • Hi yes

    I agree its great to help but it is about safety

    I would image most doctors or medix would know u need to see abit more of the ecg to rule out anything else ... you did say you felt u nwell what is too say what else is going on

    The ECG was showing a st elevation which could mean heart attack .... thats why i said if u feel unwell the st area becomes higher call someone... You need to have chest pain for that to happen..

    It can also be called a high take off as doctors would call it meAning its fine

    What i am trying to say not very greatly

    Is that when someone is not well a shows a ECG

    Medical people would look for other things not just AF🌺

  • Sorry writing without glasses

    I meant to say u dont need to have chest pain

  • The Kardia is only designed to monitor rhythm disturbances. It does not have the diagnostic capabilities of a full 12 lead ecg.

    The st segments of the non ectopic beats are normal. That of the ectopic shows discordant st changes which are present with pvcs and so very unlikely to represent an MI.

    I take your point about caution and the limitations of comments, but also hope to avoid raising patient anxiety.

  • i unsderstand you and thats the reason i did not say anything at first

    But patient concern is what i had

    And there is a high take off in the st segment and yes shows an ectopic beat

    If this was in A & E setting the doctors would ask fir repeat ecgs

    I was just trying to point out

    even though something is unlikely to be an MI

    One has to be certain

    As we all known an MI iis life threatening and ectopic beat is not

    This is one of the dangers of putting ecgs for poeple to give opinions on here

  • Sorry meant to say the st part

  • That is a PVC (Premature Ventricular Contraction. Most people have them but they can be disconcerting if you feel them. How many did you have that looked like that in the recording?

  • Hi I had 6 in 30 secs

  • The problem with PVCs is the more you think about them (and worry), the more you have.

  • ive only just noticed them and looked on earlier ecgs and very few seen

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