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Longest time in AF everyone? X


Good morning all

Just a quick update I'm still in fast AF...day 8 ... but don't feel I'll just tired... My doc emailed me and said to rest until I get to see him on Tues...unless of course I have chest pain/ faint.

Anyway what I would like to ask is what's the longest you have all been in fast AF and managed to still convert on your own with just medication/pip. I'm hoping my ticker still might convert on its own, it did last time after 8 days so I'm hoping it may do the same...the Diltiazam is slowing my hr down but only for 6 hrs then up again ... Grr.

All a good excuse though to rest and watch lots of TV .... Jane Eyre today and Phantom of the Opera... Always a silver lining! X o x

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Think around 18 hours.

Take it easy.


Thinking of you.

booboo73 in reply to gwyn53

Thanks Gwyn. Hope your Christmas went smoothly and Happy new year to you x o x

Hope you got last reply.If not -let me know when you re in Scarborough-will meet up

Jen -(Buddji)

booboo73 in reply to buddje

No I don't think so...some messages have disappeared when I have looked back. Yes I will let you know would be great to have a chat. X o x

Hmm, now for heart reverting to sinus on it's own, I'd say 2 months. Was all set for a cardioversion and it was about to be carried out when a nurse said 'stop' because my heart had reverted to normal. Was also set for a cardioversion in A+E once and the same thing happened, but I think that recovery came about because they were going to do the procedure without any sedation or anaesthetic! So I was shocked back into rhythm by the fear!

It all makes me wonder about the power of our minds!


Oh Jean that's ehst I'm praying will happen... The first time I ever went to A&E I was hysterical and they mentioned the shock and went from 168 to 76 in a flash. Could I ask why no sedation ect.... ?? X o x

I have always had a general anaesthetic for my many cardioversions, but when I was in A+E and they suggested one it was to be without, guess there was no one there qualified to administer it. Usually I'm just admitted to a ward until my heart calms. I guess the doctor on duty that night had had experience of carrying our cardioversions.

By the way I'm convinced my AF was brought on by my eating and drinking Christmas day. I said to my daughter who I was staying with , 'You know I'm gluten free now'? She ( who has taken over the role of mother to me)responded with, 'Oh mum it's Christmas, just eat and drink what you want'. I felt such a finicky fuss pot that I did as she said. I rarely drink alcohol now, so I was silly to have four glasses, also ate gluten and had gravy which contains Maltodextrin (one of my triggers).

Hope you are soon back to normal sinus rhythm.



Good morning to you! I converted on my own after 7 days....a couple of times, just before my ablation. Take it easy, try to relax and enjoy the TV :-) Happy New Year!

booboo73 in reply to SRMGrandma

Yes I'm just gonna relax but nearly has a meltdown as sky remote stopped working...arghhh..but just needed new batteries haha. That's good to know you did at 7 days...I am feeling OK and my pulse keeps dropping to 69 then up again to 130af but I'm hoping that's a good sign. One good thing is I have defiantly decided to have my ablation... I stupidly cancelled earlier this year as I was too scared but bugger being scared now I can't stand feeling this tired and cancelling get together anymore!! X x x

SRMGrandmaVolunteer in reply to booboo73

It is frustrating to feel so tired. In 2015 just before my ablation I did a 7 day stint of AF while on holiday in Paris. It started that first day (overtired from no sleep flying across the pond, and then our room wasn't ready so I had been up for well over 24 hours) and then it ended as we were leaving for the airport to come home. Not the best way to see Paris. I scheduled my ablation the moment I came home. My point, is that you know when you are ready to go for it and just get it done! Be brave...it's easier than you think.

The last bout (before this one started, that is) was four weeks, alternating between AF and atrial tachycardia. The week before I was due to have my fourth ablation I went back into sinus rhythm but have no way of knowing if it was the Diltiazem or my heart just converted on its own. On my EP's advice this time I'm taking extra Diltiazem so will see what happens.

As you say, when you can't do anything else it is an excuse to watch TV ... two episodes of The Crown on Netflix yesterday kept me spellbound and totally distracted from how bad I was feeling.

I hope the AF doesn't last much longer for you though. All the best, Kate

So sorry to hear about your af going on so long sara. My bouts generally last only 10-25 mins but they can happen several times a day or even in bed during night.

Hope it stops real soon for you hope to hear from you soon


First time before being diagnosed was approx. 12 months , had CV then four months later it appeared again but after a week it self converted. Luckily I didnt cancel the next CV which was not till six months later as by then I had reverted back to Persistant AF.

This last time I was in PAF for 31 months before getting a CV ( and a change of drugs )

I had self converted a few times but it never lasted more than a week.

Like you I had a HR that did what it pleased for months before 2nd ablation up in the 130/40's then down to 40/50's. Cardioversion failed also. Still have problems so now taking Amioderone which has calmed things down and 3rd ablation booked for this month. Don't be afraid of ablation it may sort you out for good. Hope you return to sinus soon and best wishes for the New Year.


Really thinking of you and praying fir your heart to calm down. Xx

My P AF prior to Ablation 6 days ago, came and went in about 24-36 hours, twice needed cardioversion. Not often. About yearly, then last time was only 2 months tween events. That made me take decision for Ablation seriously. BooBoo it only get worse with time. Pills give us a stay for an unknown period. That time stay differs with each individual. Looking forward to getting my dating and physical life back in a few months. Between knee surgery and ablation these last 6 months put a real dent in my calendar!

How fast is it ? - have just emerged from hospital having had a chest infection which drove pulse to 190 without any variation - the scary thing was that the knew they neede2d to do something but were unclear as to what ... first dr suggested Digoxin ....then older doctor came on and suggested saline drip - that worked within 20 mins down to 130 irregular then back to Flec, but still dodgy. I had been going at 190 for about 24 hours and they were quite concerned which kind of surprised me. I have had enough of this I am going to see about an ablation - most of the hospital staff were surprised I hadn't had one - that's quite a change in attitude.

Any way in fairness to NHS brilliant response - phone drs surgery at 10.00 see Dr at 10.30 - he says you need to go to acute admissions, admitted at 11.15 and bloods and canula and hook ups done by11.50. Saline drip at 12.15 and by 12.35 the "crisis' was over.

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