My ecg

My ecg

So just had my ecg at the gp ... good news is it's sinus rhythm, a little on high side at 95 but regular.... only issue is a few other things on there that weren't there before, one being rvh depolarisation abnormality, gp and dr at Brompton weren't interested when I told them about it, however it has me slightly worried as I had none of this when I had ecg on the 13th December at the brompton

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  • I think you can get too involved in trying to interpret your ecg. Your GP and Brompton doc are not concerned so I would leave it at that for the time being at least. It is still early days


  • Juggsy are you reading a computer generated diagnosis to quote that? If so forget it. These are notoriously wrong as I discovered several times. Only really clever doctors and often not even them can really read an ECG trace. I watched a lecture many years ago when a real expert destroyed many GPs sample diagnosis with full explanation. Quite an eye opener. I would take the dr at Brompton over a computer any day.

  • I've just included a picture of the printout

  • Juggsy.....if I were you, I would remove the printout of your ECG as soon as poss

  • Why?

  • The original picture had my personal details on it

  • Uups...

  • Sometimes this can reflect 2 different ecg machines automatic analysis. Has there actually been a change or is it just a change in the report?

    As mentioned the automatic reports notoriously over report minor variations on normal .

  • Yes I'm only going by what's on the printout, I've never had that on there before, only my right bundle branch block, which for some reason on this printout says incomplete

  • Look at the measurement for qrs complex. Normal is less than 100 msecs. Abnormal is greater than 120 . You are borderline at 110 hence different analysis reports on differing machines.

    Certainly it doesn't sound anything to be concerned about

  • That's my right bundle branch block I believe

  • Quite right. The rsr m shaped ventricular complexes and you are bordering between complete and incomplete

  • Sabine has just messaged to say that the rvh comes with the right bundle branch block, however it's never shown up on any other ecg I've had.... I'm confused somewhat

  • Sounds like it will have to await discussion with Sabine, but no great worries

  • Great to hear the good news juggsy


  • As others have said leave the interpretation to Brompton. It is not for us mere mortals.

    As I have told you before try and relax and don't read too much into things.

    I am just very frustrated that you were not able to get an ECG yesterday and a few reassuring words as worry and stress do not help us AF sufferers.

    Try and chill this weekend.

    All the best


  • The gp today was quite thorough, he usually is, he said the printout was quite normal, not sure how when it says abnormal, maybe it's a regular finding in they're machine, also took an age to do, the pads kept in sticking as she didn't shave the areas, then the machine ran out of paper half way through one trace.... the nurse who did it isn't the one who usually does it either, she usually just does bloods and vaccinations so who knows maybe that contributed to it aswell

  • I have never been shaved for an ECG and I have had 100s of them. My problem is I am allergic to the glue.

    Take it easy no need to worry - honest.


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