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Just spoke to nurse practitioner at Brompton about my high heart rate, he told me to get an ecg done and send it to them to see if it's sinus rhythm or not, went and saw my gp who said nobody can do it until tomorrow, however she said she could feel it speeding up and slowing down, rate was 101, she said my af may be back😩😩

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Nonsense Juggsy. Too soon to say to be honest. Be positive. It is probably still be part of the healing process. 101 is not fast as I have said. Maybe in three months you might consider success or failure but not now.

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To be fair bob there's two drs one is slot better than the other, unfortunately that's not the one I saw, why she couldn't do an ecg while I was there was beyond me, the nurse was there also

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I think everyone tries their best but have to make triage decisions about whether an ecg is urgent or not. As has been said 101 isn't too bad.

Oh my - not a very scientific diagnosis juggsy and certainly not helpful or reassuring. Could the Christmas period be to blame? Even people without AF are known to have blips and other symptoms at this time of year.

Think about what Dr Ernst told you and keep positive.

Like you cannot understand why your doctor could not do an ECG while you were there.

Make sure you are there tomorrow morning bright and early.

Could be change of diet, alcohol intake or any number of causes.

As Bob says it is still early days and as I have found out, sometimes another ablation may be necessary.

Best wishes and hope you feel better soon.


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My appt is 3:30

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They sure know how to raise blood pressure- yours and mine.


Best wishes

Whilst it would be useful to see what the ECG shows, the best scenario, however would be to wake up in the morning in NSR.


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Tonne fair though Pete, my HR isn't irregular, just higher than usual, I'm feeling fine

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Good stuff

I always feel c**p and I was feeling very frustrated for you




Something to be positive about maybe👍🏻👍🏻

Are you getting any of the previous symptoms of AF? Feeling light headed, tingling in hands, bit shaky, very tired, a silly cough, tightness in throat? I'm not sure which symptoms you had, just listed some of mine. I'm 6 months since second procedure and have started to get some of these symptoms return in short periods although I am still in sinus but with an elevated H/R, not as high as you but around 80 (normally 60ish). This makes me feel decidedly 'off colour'. On two occasions my H/R has had 2 quick beats and a longer gap then 2 more quick beats, repeated for about 15 mins or so. On these two events my AliveCor returned an unrecordable result. Like you I hope it's a blip on the recovery process although I'm further down the line than you. Good luck for tomorrow.

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This sounds similar to me, I often get the rhythm of beat beat pause, beat beat pause. And it feels very odd, I have had it since my last ablation. I think they must be premature beats, mine can last all day. Hope your New Year is more settled.


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Thanks for this Brenda, I'm not alone then. It's possible these 'old' symptoms have started again since I have started to cut down on the Biso. it's only 1.25 but thought I'd cut them in half and then go to every other day and so on and take several weeks to wean off them. Then these 'odd beats' like yours have also come so I have gone back on the Biso and will see what happens. Thanks for your info. Are you still on any tablets?


The Kardia app is the best way of determining if you have AF.........I've had mine since it first came out and found it very helpful in being a 'first responder' lol 😂

If it indicates AF then monitor how long your in the cycle then determine when to go to ED as remember, when in AF the heart is fibrilating and not pumping blood correctly therefore high risk of stroke! It's your decision when you feel the need to go.........I'd rather have a stroke in the hospital than at home or somewhere else. 😊

I can walk into our hospital at any time and can have an ECG done without appointment. The Cardiac dept. added this facility a couple of years ago and it by-passes A&E if you have an AF problem on record. Can't understand a hospital sending you away to have an ECG so they can check you out!

Mine was in 80s/90s for a long time. Gradually reduced and now in high 60s/low 70s. Took almist a year to go down.

Invest in a Kardia if you can afford it. Gives peace if mind which is priceless!

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Just bought one with the 25% off code👍🏻👍🏻

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Great. Now use it sensibly and don't get obsessive about it. However it is a great aid and useful information for your EP also. You can print out the reports and bring to your next appointment. Mine was always keen to see them.

Good luck 🍀

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I mentioned it to Sabine Ernst at my 6 week check up.... she had one on her phone herself

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