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I had a chemical stress test this past Fri. the 3 hr. one. I got the results on line yesterday and I don't see my Dr. until after Christmas. Of course I can't understand them and it's making me nuts. I can deal with anything except not knowing what I might be facing. By the way I think this is cruel to do to someone. If anyone can interpret this I would appreciate it, if it's something I shouldn't be asking I apologize. So one page has.... some reversible perfusion is noted at the apex and apical lateral wall, otherwise normal activity in rest of myocardium. The other says ...stress induced ischemia


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  • Hi sweetiepye, I haven't a clue about the detail, never had a stress test. But if they had spotted somehting to worry about them they should have contacted you to come in quickly. So no rush is good news, or at least that's how I would take it.

    I know exactly how you feel. I had some sort of test at a hospital some years ago, for something potentially quite serious. I had no reply at all. After months I got in touch with them and they said there was nothing wrong so no need to report back to me. Really, no need!!!!! aaaaarggggghhh....


  • When you say Dr. do you mean cardiologist or GP?

    Surely you can at least speak to cardiologist or GP on the phone before then.

    If you Google the phrase:

    'reversible perfusion is noted at the apex and apical lateral wall'

    you will see some explanations given in other forums.

  • I've just had a chemical stress test last week - mainly, as far as I know, to check what's going on with my atrial valve under pressure. I quizzed the doctor in charge and he put my mind at rest (somewhat) and I now await results. I think Koll and Seasider are right.....probably nothing urgent but seek some clarification now and don't wait until after Christmas. Hope all goes well.

  • I would call my GP and ask for clarification of the report, being left like this is not acceptable. I had the same test but was in hospital at the time so result was given immediately.

    Please don't be fobbed off without clarification. I am surprised you were given a report. Surely if anything was really wrong you would have been informed.

    If you are under the care of a consultant I would call his secretary and ask to have the report demystified.

  • When I had my stress test my cardiologist said that when he had the results he would call me if there was a problem. He did not call and when I went in for my appointment he said I passed with flying colors. Perhaps it would have been better if you had not been given the information since all it did was cause you to worry. I think if there was a problem the doctor would not have made you wait until your appointment time.

  • I agree with the others to call your doctor and ask for an explanation. When I had my stress test, an appointment was made for the next week to go over the results. My cardiologist explained a lot and referred me to an EP. The EP thoroughly went over the test, showing me all the findings on the EKG's and images. If you ask, a good doctor will have no problem in explaining it all to you. Ischemia means an inadequate blood supply to the heart. I have that caused by AFIB, but there are other causes. I would definitely call today. Good Luck!

  • I also have afib. This Doctor is new to me , my cardiologist took a different position so I'm not sure I'll stay with him. It's early and I want to give him a chance. Thank you. Pam

  • I cannot interpret but I can tell you stress tests can have false positive results as mine read something about ischemia and that bought me a ticket to a cardiac catheterization, which turned out perfectly normal. A very anxious time when the imagination takes over. You can call the docs office and tell them you have results that are making you nervous. They should havent made those results available to you before someone could explain.

  • That's what I thought and I have a very active imagination .

  • Dont we all, Im just now starting to relax snd forget I have a fib and its been 11 months. Its scary stuff but gets easier with time.

  • I'm curious I hope you don't mind me asking about your treatment. here in the States if you have a fib they give you meds first, if that doesn't work you get cardio version and then if you are going into a fib again they recommend an ablation. You can have one within a couple of weeks. The reason being the sooner you have it the more successful it will be. I waited 6 mo. for mine because I wanted a particular Doctor. That was 6 yrs. ago. It seems like more people in the UK just live with it. It's too scary for me to do that. Pam

  • I think it varies from EP to EP. Mine want to wait and see how my a fib is going to behave as ablations are not without great risks. Im good with that. My first visit to him last may( after cardiologist jacked with my not tolerating sotalol for 5 mo) was to get me off meds, do pill in pocket, me do some major healthylifestyle changes including healthy diet, no alcohol, drop 50 lb. He said he couldnt promise a fib would go away but could say it should b less severe. Sure enough, 4 mo later I had my third episode and it was minor, lasted 90 min, tookmy pills and felt great after. If the a fibbecoes a regular visitor, we can talk ablation maybe. There are no guarantees one ablation will work. Many have 2, 3, 4. I am glad my EP isnt pushing ablation. Statistics do not show ablation decreases mortality, strokes etc.

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