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Finally back in NSR - longest AF episode yet - some questions please

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Following my last post I would like to ask a few questions. I was in AF for almost two days and suddenly this morning went back to normal. This morning in bed I did breathing exercises for about 20 minutes whilst still in AF. I then got up made breakfast and as suddenly at it came it disappeared, could the exercises have helped? I spoke to my Dr yesterday on the phone and he asked me to take my pulse for 15 seconds then he said still no hospital but if it was still there next week he would send me for cardio version. I was worried I was going into permanent AF. My question is from occasional PAF can you go straight to permanent or is it a gradual increase in number of episodes of AF, have had 3 in two years. I have a 70th birthday party to go to today, should I go or should I be resting (no alcohol), shame!!

Thanks one again for help when I posted on Thursday, Heather

9 Replies
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Sorry to say that AF is AF and different for everybody. It really is a mongrel condition.

Yes it is usually progressive but how quickly that happens is never predictable. It can take years or not depending so much on the individual and how they are wired up but unlikely to go permanent all in one go.

My best advice is to live as normal a life as possible and not to let it rule your life or then you allow it to win. Take charge and do what you want to do. OK you may feel rubbish sometimes and in extreme circumstances may need to curtail your activities but do remember many people are in permanent AF and life normal lives. My experience is that I always felt worse alone at home and frequently improved with company and plenty of distraction.

Pleased you are now back to normal. Definitely go to the party !! Should do you a power of good but go steady on the drinkies......


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Once my AF progressed and before ablation it was quite common to be in AF for up to 48 hours and then suddenly convert to NSR without rhyme or reason. I do think the breathing exercises help.

Pleased you are back to NSR, now go enjoy your party, resting only helps when you feel ill or very washed out after an episode.

Do as much as you are comfortable doing, the main thing is not to push yourself so listen to your body and energy levels, they are usually much better at knowing what we can and can't do than our minds which trick us all the time.

Best wishes CD

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Here's another link for yoga benefits, breathing and chiropractic '

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Hi gemsmum , am so pleased for you that you're now back in NSR, long may it last. These episodes are scary, especially if you don't have them that often, and I see from your post that you've had 3 in the last 2 years, so you're not used to them.

I hope you enjoy the party today and make the most of feeling good again.

Best wishes, Kate

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Live your life! Go to the party! Be smart about your alcohol and sugar intake. Staying home lets AF win. It is tough to predict how AF will progress. As someone who had only a few hours a year of AF and then suddenly jumped into Persistent AF lasting a week at a time when a bout of pneumonia did me in, I can attest that the changes can happen swiftly. Meanwhile, enjoy your NSR, try not to always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Be well.

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Hi the AF nurse at my hospital says 'if it comes, it comes, don't stop gardening, walking, playing unless of course it makes you breathless' Sometimes I take all precautions & it'll pop up from nowhere. My longest has been 36 hours when I just potter about the house, keep my eye on HE & wait, but every episode for me is different, some more scarey than other. Best wishes Pat

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ruskin10 in reply to ruskin10

Meant Heart Rate not ME

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have had af since 2005 , in 2008 was in afib for 48 hours - have never been as long again - that was caused by mascarpone cheese which is the worst for me - so doesnt always get worse though it has tendency to do so. I would try and ignore it as much as you can - I dont touch booze now either and that seems to help otherwise I do just about everything I ever did.

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