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Everything you wanted to know.......Mk 2 - the appointment!

Evening all!

Well finally got my appt with consultant on Friday last, and got to ask many questions! I have to admit he is a very amenable man and easy to talk to. BP was good (125/75, I think) and I asked him to interpret the ECG I had just had taken (regulars on here will remember, all my GP could say was "you are in AF!!"). He said my rate was approx 78-80 bpm and my AF was stable. We talked about how AF progresses, he described it as " a slippery slope" but not necessarily ending in heart failure

I have been getting slightly more breathless on hills lately and he said to monitor that.

He has agreed to me having an echocardiogram (I just got the appt thru the post for next Wed 28th) to see if any changes/deterioration in my heart since the last one and this was really the aim of my appt, so I will let you all know the outcome, and I will take it from there.

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Good news that he is taking you seriously. You are lucky to get an echo that quickly.


Excellent news WB - good to know your persistence has paid off and you are getting the info and advice you needed. Hope the results of the echo are good. Out of curiosity was it MC you saw?

Take care and best wishes.

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Sounds very positive! Even the slippery slope bit didn't sound too negative... All good!


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