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Sinus rhythm returned on it's own


I'm Phil in Maine, USA. 55, athletic. I've been reading this forum for a couple of months now with interest. I've enjoyed reading about others' experiences relating to Afib. I want to offer this account of my own situation.

After quickly returning to afib after 2 recent cardioversions, my dose of flecainide was doubled to 100mg twice a day. A third cardioversion was scheduled for today, but I returned to sinus (normal) rhythm yesterday and will not need that 3rd procedure.

While I know this afib seemingly has not rhyme or reason, I still want to make some sense of it or, at least, try. Besides the flecainide, I participated in 2 sessions of cardio tennis this week. Each session was 90 minutes and pushed me to a point that I hadn't pushed myself for quite some time. I have an idea that this type of cardio exercise played a role in my return to sinus rhythm. That's all. I wanted to share this experience in case it meant something to anyone else.

Here's to normal rhythm! And tennis! best, phil

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Phil, found since my ablation that after a warm up period,when my heart is out of rhythm ,intensive exercise(swimming,biking,etc) will bring it back into nsr

Interesting - extreme exercise has certainly put me into AF, but it's never brought me out of it. On the other hand, I've never even tried exercising while in AF. How do you do it?! I am virtually always in sinus rhythm, and I find it best to exercise regularly and gradually, working up to a decent cardio workout and gradually warming down, but never pushing myself to extremes of heart rate - and certainly never explosive bursts of exercise.

paulh1 in reply to Thomps95

I 'm doing what you have done which is to work up to intensive work out. Found out whether I swim or bike I need to have a period of warm up before I get into the strenuous part of my routine. The days of my starting straight off the blocks full gas are gone. Hey, I'm 71 and glad to be out doing what I can. Exercising while in AF is not a pleasant experience. Even then I could knock my heart back into rhythm sometimes .

Hi Phil

Same happend to me when resting it would add a few quick beats, then after i play indoor footie or cross train it will go into rhythm that was 2 years ago not now i am in AF all the time but can till do sport just have to take apixaban i know what you mean i thought more training may put it in nsr sorry it never worked for me but it could work for you good luck

HI PHIL I go to gym for 30 to 45 minute , with AF , hering urs i thing will work thx


Thanks for the replies all,

One day later and I'm back in AF. I don't really feel it, which is good. Now I'm inclined to stop paying so much attention to the situation and carry on with my normal activities. I'll see what the experts have to say next week. If anyone here is near Brighton, go see Brian Wilson!

If you dont feel the AF get on with your sport your along time not playing

all the best

Well done mate. hope my A F returns to normal soon

i used to ride my bike as fast as i could for over 20 years to knock my heart back into nsr but then the consultant told me not to as he said i could dislodge blood clots and have a stroke he said he was surprised i was still alive but it worked for me.but after he told me that it scared me i dont want to be a burden on the family with a stroke sometimes im in a/f for about a week and he tells me one day it wont revert back to nsr on its own but so far it has.

i bet the consultant had not seen the inside of a gym or done any sport ,his attitude would not be acceptable if he was my consultant

all the best lotusvx220

My husband was still in AF after a few cardio versions. One day we went on a serious hike. Intense uphill climb and he had to stop several times on the way up. When we got done he was in sinus rhythm for the first time in a long time. I don't think it lasted more than a week though.

When I exercise I get many PACs prior to getting AF. Does your AF come on suddenly or is it heralded by swarms of ectopics like mine?

Hello Philcormier, I am not a sportsperson and don't know what cardio Tennis is?

I guess we are all different, but I do walk and do tai chi mostly every day, for around 40mins not strenuous (outside) but some styles are quite strenuous internally, it has certainly helped my flexibility. At the times of an episode of AF/SVT my body does not feel like I own it, and I use the lower end of a syringe to blow into, it takes a lot of blowing like a balloon, but before that I do my stomach breathing around 5-8 times, one or the other usually stops it after 1hr, if not I do it all over again and after 3hrs up my medication. I am usually exhausted the next day, if it goes over 3hrs.

Just come across this thread which is very interesting

Male 61 and do quite a lot of exercise - tennis/ pickleball / jogging etc

|Had very occasional paroxysmal AF forpast 40 years but always well controlled with beta blockers and an ablation- and to date always gone back into NSR itself in a week or so ...till now

Went into AF nearly 4 weeks ago and still in AF awaiting a cardioversion following warfarin treatment to get INR up to required level

Effectively stopped all exercise apart from walking after went into AF as worried re possible consequences

Having researched on line see that "moderate " exercise is encouraged even when in AF though "moderate" is not defined

Received view seems to be that excessive exercise - training for ultra marathons etc may increase risk of AF and not recommended when in AF but suggests that when in AF you gradually "test" your own ability to exercise and take from there

I have vagus nerve / "fluttery" stomach type AF symptoms but not chest pains or breathlessness

In last few days have tried a few short ..and slow...... jogs for up to a mile and don't seem to have any adverse consequences

Have not tried tennis or pickleball or any competitive sport yet which may involve faster moving ans changes of direction etc and am interested that someone in AF was doing cardio tennis

Received wisdom seemed to be you could do running - even distance albeit slowly - just listen to your body and any adverse reaction and also take it slower - which is all your body will probably let you do anyway

Hope to get the cardioversion soon and get back into NSR- hopefully!!!- but would be interested in other experiences of playing sport while actually in AF

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