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Af or not af

After having my ablation five weeks ago have three episodes of af lasting 12 hours which settled overnight. Last night af started again with hr between 35-168. At ten o clock this morning my heart rate was about 138 and since then only had a few palpitations but hr still hovering about 140. Doesnt feel like its jumping all over shop. As my normal resting heart rate with meds is usually 45-50 wondering if I should do anything or just wait to see if hr drops. Im little bit tired more than normal x

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Can you get an ECG done at your surgery this afternoon and an appointment?

If not suggest calling for a paramedic. HR over 3 times high for 24 hours is a long time.


Hi Peter all back to normal. It was a weird feeling when it jumped back to regular. My head felt like it was spinning and then all ok. Thats happened once before but all ok now so a happy geordie lol x


Hi Jules. After the ablation for AF, if the episodes return its not uncommon to be flutter rather than fibrillation, as you mention "Doesnt feel like its jumping all over shop." Which in one way is good news because flutter or tacychardia is easier to treat than Afibrillation with 2nd ablation. Which is what happened to me. I did neeed a third ablation for the same reason but have now been AF free for 2 years.

Look forward, you are on the first step.


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