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Alivcor kardia problems

I had a very of iPhone 5 AliveCor , it cracked and I thought was causing the interference I was recording...bought a new one, but it very erratic lots of interference, AFib one minute than the next normal, and I know I am not going in and out and in and out....seems to have all started when it switched to Kardia app.

Anyone else having problems ?

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Mine is very sensitive to other electronics in the room. Ceiling fans definitely cause interference with mine. I've just had to move around to find a good spot to use it and then it works perfectly. Good luck!

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If you are experiencing issues with the Kardia, we would suggest that you contact the manufacturers who may be able to offer advice.

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Yeah they weren't very helpful, said they saw nothing wrong with the readings...

That didn't look at all like a EKG reading...

Spikes bumps jumps.....


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