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Hello fellow AF peeps......I am 4 weeks post Ablation...everything went ok and a success so far, however I am finding even though the bruising as all gone that I still feel sore and uncomfortable. I intended on returning to work today but it wasn't really happening....just wondering how any of you found the healing process and am I just being impatient?...I am also feeling a bit down with a few outbursts of tears. Is this also normal? ....I am back driving and can feel it pulling!! Just feeling a bit of a whimp.....work hounding me to go back does not help........thanks in advance. Lorraine.

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Hi Lorraine - I was off work for about a month post both ablations (as I recall, may have been even longer) and it was fully needed.

The first ablation caused me to have a significant femoral bleed post-op and the bruising was quite extensive (there is a picture of my bruise in one of my posts accessed via my profile) and this was the main cause of my pain and discomfort above any heart related issues, particularly with having right knee osteoarthritis.

The second ablation caused me to have an eptopic beat for some time after, so all in all I think it was 3 months post ablation before this settled.

If you're not ready to go back, you're not ready and work for me were (eventually) of the opinion that they didn't want any responsibility on their part for being a cause of the AF episodes.


Hi Lorraine - Might it be an idea for you to visit your GP and tell him about your concerns re your groin. Or perhaps ring your AF nurse. That would put your mind to rest. I've just been talking to someone else on this site who had her ablation a few days earlier than you and she too still has some groin pain. My 3rd ablation was two weeks ago and I don't have any pain right now at all, mind you I think they did most of my work via my neck. I guess we are all different in the ways that our bodies heal afterwards and of course it may depend on what exactly was done via the groin and how long it took.

You have every right to feel a wimp. You've had a procedure done to your HEART, not your big toe, you may want to remind work of that fact. Please don't go back until you feel ready, or the first day there and not feeling well you will regret it.

Wishing you well.



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