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Can anyone throw a light on 'severe tricuspid valve regurgitation'?

When I had my last echo.....a few years ago..... I was told my leaky tri cuspid valve leak had worsened to 'severe' but that 'they' did not do surgery to 'fix' it. I was about to have surgery for a hole in the heart following a mini stroke and I did not ask any questions re. the tri cuspid valve......I would normally have done so. Now I notice I get quite a lot of 'wooshing' as I am 'coming to' before getting up in the mornings.... anyone knowledgeable have any ideas as to possible connection?

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Hi I'm not a doctor so I can't give you any medical advice and I was a bit wary to post as I didn't want to give you incorrect information so I can only go by my limited knowledge . My tricuspid regurgitation (TR)is " moderate" and if you google the symptoms of tricuspid regurgitation I, I have some of those symptoms. The doctors have never been worried about it . I have read that the wooshing sound that you experience is one of the symptoms. Have you not had a more recent echo to check on the TR? Maybe a visit to the GP is in order so he can put your mind at rest or give you more information as you appear to have a complicated cardiac history or if you have any upcoming cardiology appts I would mention it to your cardiologist .


Thank you very much for your reply.I will ask my GP for an up to date echo.I had been thinking about it but as my heart condition has been stable for some years it has been a matter of 'keep taking the tablets'.I did google tri cuspid valve probs. and got the impression it is a' live with it' condition but now ' there is a new 'symptom' i.e. wooshing, this led to further thoughts about it.

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