New Member From South/Central Florida

New Member From South/Central Florida

Hello, I am new to this site, and am located in south Florida.

I had a-fib and a-flutter. Had 4 episodes since end of November, 2014. The !st time I had no symptoms whatsoever, other than my BP cuff said my rate was 150. A 6 day hospital stay (could have been 3 days if my case was handled efficiently) including cardioversion completely fixed it for about 14 months. But it came back (again, asymptomatic), and instead of going to hospital ER, I went to my family doctor. He prescribed Verapamil, in which case two days later, 1st thing in the A.M. I was surprised that my rhythm was completely back to normal!

The Verapamil lasted about 2 months. Then I had to go to hospital, because the 3rd time I had serious symptoms (shortness of breath after even minor exertion). They did cardioversion, this time 4 shocks, and it still didn't help, but fortunately 2 hours later, my sinus rhythm returned!!!

But a mere two weeks to the day, my a-fib/a-flutter returned, and a short 2 day hospital stay using medication alone returned me once again back to normal.

During the month I had to wait for my ablation & not wanting to take any chances, I drank not a single drop of alcohol.

I found this study that says moderate drinking does NOT cause AF in patients with a history of AF. Only binge drinking does. So good news for those that hate the thought of giving up drinking altogether!

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  • Sorry, the alcohol study is at:

  • There are others who believe that any alcohol at the least encourages AF because of changing the cell composition and conductivity structure and potentially affecting the heart. Predisposition is a factor.

    My personal approach was why chance it (even though I am in persistent AF). Interestingly on New Year's Eve I had 1/4 of a small flute of champagne which appeared only to have had a smallish affect (did have some extra activity the next day). However at a christening last month had two sips of prosecco and heart was racing well and additional activity all within 5 or max 10 minutes. Obviously inconclusive as to whether just the alcohol or the type of drink or both.

    Others have some smallish quantities and are ok.

  • Probably everybody needs to experiment on their own, as everybody's body is different. I am trying moderate quantity. Even before I was officially diagnosed (like almost a year before) I swear I must have caused a short burst of AF on a New Years eve., when I had WAY too much to drink. It was a rough night trying to sleep, but I didn't know what was going on.

  • Whilst I agree that alcohol does not cause AF, for me even a sip certainly triggered an episode, when I had PAF, red wine was the worst offender.

    I had 2 RF ablations, Nov 2013 & Mar 2014 and have been AF free since then. Alcohol now does not affect me. Make what you will...........

  • That is interesting about the red wine, because I take resveratrol tablets, equivalent to 5 bottles of wine daily. Hope that has not been causing mine!!!

  • Hi....where do you live in Florida? Not too often I see people in USA on this forum never mind Florida....I live in Jupiter.........

  • Ft. Pierce! Just a stone's throw away.

  • Wow! Amazing. Maybe we meet for caffeine free tea someday?!

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