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Hi any feed back on Cardioversion I am on 6

months waiting list for my second Ablation I am in A F most of the time I have been offered a Cardioversion in the next 3 weeks don't know if I should go ahead with this operation feel rather scared of having General Anaesthetic having had a T .I A and all the risks that go with it , any advice please .


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Cardioversion is hardly an operation and the GA is for less than a minute or two. Just long enough to zap you. Although seldom more than a temporary fix cardioversion is quite useful in proving that you can be returned to NSR and as such could indicate likely success of any future ablation. Having had several DCCVs all of which have been non events apart from the need to be darned hungry for hours before hand I would say go for it. In saying that I presume that you are properly anti-coagulated or they would not have offered this.


jackemily in reply to BobD

Thank so much for your reply Bob think I may go for it after all it would be wonderful to get rid of this AF if only temporary and yes I am on Rivaroxaban 15mg will keep you informed how I get on .


Suggest you go for it. By the way if you are accent a general anaesthetic (even a short one) you can opt for sedation. When I was sedated I did not feel a thing.


My vote would be for the cardioversion. The less time you spend in AF the better and it really is just a 2 minute nap. Good luck with whatever you choose.

jackemily in reply to SRMGrandma

Think I have decided to go for it all good feedback .Thank you .

Hello, I have just had a recent cardioversion under sedation following a recent ablation as I went into atrial tachycardia, it is wonderful being in NSR, I would say go for it, I didn't feel a thing.

jackemily in reply to Sulily49

Thank you for your positive reply my date is June 16th will let you know how I come on , Take Care

Go for it you don't feel a thing my first one held for 6 months subsequent ones not so long but it is good to be in NSR even for a short while

I have been through two cardioversions for which I was heavily sedated and out of it, but not under full general anaesthetic. It really was over in a jiffy, I didn't know anything about it and I was back in NSR quickly. No regrets there. Put it this way, I was far less worried about the second time than I was for the first - that says something! I know it is nerve wracking, but I really would recommend you take the advice of the cardio professionals you are in the care of. Being in AF most of the time is no joy. I wish you well and hope you get sorted.

Go for it, I had one on 18 th December which held me in NSR ( on bisoprolol ) and felt wonderful until Easter , I was only heavily sedated too !! I'm in again for another on 10 th June ( this time on Amiodarone and looking forward to it ) I'm really hoping it holds longer as I have a bed and breakfast and need to be fit July, August and September . Ablation is next on the list if not !!!! Good luck xx

I had my 1st CV IN 2007 and stayed in NSR for the following 6 years.

I would definitely recommend it.

Cardioversion really is extremely safe but the problem is that the AF may return soon. Ask about starting regular treatment with flecainide* immediately after the cardioversion – this has been shown to double the chance of staying in regular rhythm.

* or propafenone, or low-dose amiodarone

Thank you all for all your replies feel so much happier reading all your positive stories the support you all have shown is fantastic will let you know how I come on , Thanks again x

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