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Seeing my EP next Tuesday, some questions please

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Diagnosed with AF in AandE about 15 months ago, had my last episode in Oct 15 which lasted approx 14 hrs, didn't go to hospital but took bisoprolol as PiP. I can't take bisoprolol daily as I have a low heart beat, around 48-50, I am on Apixaban.  I saw my EP in Wythenshaw hospital last November and we spoke about a pacemaker if I got to the position of needing to take bisoprolol daily as it would lower my heart too much then I would need a pacemaker.  I think at the present time I am happy with the PiP until and if the AF progresses.  I notice a lot of people on here talk about their EPs and phoning  to speak to his Secretary but I have a feeling he will discharge me next week, can I ask to stay on his 'books' to see him in six months again or will I have to go through the 'system' again if needed which takes ages? This week I have been having a strange heartbeat, it goes normal for about 5 beats then a quick one, then normal again and then repeats the quick one, do you think this is leading to an AF episode again.  Thanks, kind regards.

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If I were you I would write down details of your last episode and of your recent strange heart beats and I would hand your notes to the EP. I am still on the books of my EP for an annual visit 2 years post-ablation and I see the local cardiologist 6 months later. You can tell your EP that you are not confident with your heart at this stage and would feel better if he could see you again rather than signing you off. If you don't ask, you don't get -----------

Good luck.

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Thank you jennydog, I will do that, as you say if you don't ask, you don't get, hopefully he will say yes, I would be happy if he agreed to yearly, kind regards.

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PeterWh in reply to gemsmum

I would write down everything in draft and then prioritise. 

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Ask about alternatives to bisoprolol as I think I read on here that its not suitable for those with low HB rate. Also ablation.

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Sounds like  an ectopic beat to me. I get them from time to time.  They can come in an irregular pattern like 3 normal ectopic, 5 normal ectopic, 30 normal ectopic, ectopic, 10 normal. Usually lasts an hour or so.

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