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Day 5 post ablation.

Sat out in the sun for an hour today it was bliss.

Each day I'm feeling so much stronger though I do realise my limitations if I do too much and I get a bit breathless.

I can honestly say it has been a lot less traumatic than what I anticipated. 

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I bet you didn't have the two glasses of wine in the sunshine that I did Denise. Lovely afternoon. Dinner late tonight as a result. Glad you are feeling stronger.



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That's it Bob rub it in.

I actually said to my husband -as he was sat drinking his wine in the sun- that I could murder a glass or 2 of wine.

I never thought to ask the EP how long I had to wait before I could partake of the vine. 


This is all so good to hear because we did encourage you not to back out!


You most certainly did Rellim. And I'm so glad that I did.

So far my heart is in perfect rhythm and I'm feeling good.

Just been for a very short walk with my hubby, I was fine, just very slightly breathless, but I can feel daily how I'm improving.

I will be going to the AF patients day in October, are you going this year?


Well, probably, because it is a Good Do and I've really enjoyed the two I've been to and it would be good to see everyone again.  I do feel I spend much too much time on things linked to AF, forum included.  The good thing is that I have not yet visited my GP's surgery this year and I used to be there, having my finger jabbed, much too frequently a while back.

So glad you are feeling so good.

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