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Flying after an ablation

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Hi All, 

I have my 2nd ablation on the 4th May. I'm due to fly to Spain on the 21st May. I guess I haven't really thought this through properly, but my ablation date was a little later than I expected. Has anybody flown anywhere shortly after the procedure? I was quite lucky that I didn't have any issues after my last procedure and I was fighting fit after a couple of days.  I'm aware I will have to be careful with my groin, but wondered if there is any other advice I should take note of.  I plan to have the discussion with my EP, but would like to hear from you guys.



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I flew 2 weeks and 5 days after my ablation on 21 March. It was a 13.5 hour overnight flight in economy class. No pills except anticoagulants; and no AF. Had intermittent AF for first 9 days but no drugs and no AF since. I consider myself very fortunate (so far....)

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I really can't see a problem with flying myself but do speak to your EP. I know of people  who went back to work three days after an ablation so it is all very personal as we are all different. I flew many times whilst in AF with no aggro  and after each of my ablations had a four hour car journey home (driven of course) which is probably more stressful than flying.

I flew within about 6 weeks of my ablation last year. No problem even though still having AF every few weeks. Flew back from Australia yesterday- no ill effects yet although had 2 episodes whilst there lasting 12 and 4 hours respectively. 

Hope you manage to get way and enjoy! 


Hello mate, how are you doing, I never even realised you were having the 2nd Ablation, thought your 1st was a success, was around same time as mine last year.

Wouls defo check with the EP as that is quite close albiet only Spain.

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Jason1971 in reply to MickN

Alright Mick! Things have been pretty good mate, but I was getting the odd episode. Don't get me wrong I took a couple of Flecainide and everything was fine after a couple of hours, but I never came off the meds. My EP reckons after this "Touch Up" job he thinks I have a very good chance of being AF and medication free for a long while. I didn't mind the procedure and I'm quite looking forward to a week off 😉 How are you doing? Still AF free? 

Jason, yeah I am good thanks mate, still AF free and med free happy days for now.

Never know when it will rear its head again, but apart from the very rare occasion my days go by without the thought of AF, what a turnaround from a year ago.

Good luck with the 2nd one, like you say a touch up and all will be fine, a week off, bit short that surely, i would say minimum 2weeks, I had the full 4weeks me.

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Jason1971 in reply to MickN

Cheers Mick. 

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We flew to Seville for a few days 2 weeks after my ablation. Nothing to report except we took it steady and had a great time. Groin had well healed by then as I remember it. 

Have a good break 🇪🇸


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Jason1971 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Koll 👍🏻

Hi Jason,

Good to hear from you and pleased you got your 2nd ablation date lined up.

My best wishes for a successful ablation in due course.

Kind Regards


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Jason1971 in reply to Barry24

Thanks Barry

Good luck.

I would definitely phone both your EP's secretary and your insurance company. Get the EP to advise you NOW as some say no flying for 1 month. When you have the answer from the EP phone your insurance company and check with them. I would definitely get a letter from EP to say you are ok to fly just in case ther is an issue whilst you are away. You will have to pay for the letter but shouldn't be too much.  I have heard of some consultants refusing to write ok letters but will include in letter to GP and then you can get an ok to fly letter from your GP.

My hunch is that as it is your second ablation you will probably be ok because it won't be too long a procedure. 


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Jason1971 in reply to paul29

Thanks for that Paul.  Hope all is ok now

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